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an apt description of her nature
appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.
she was apt to confuse the past with the present
having a tendency to do something.
Because they had such a lions share of the search market they were 'apt' to be under heavy pressures of fraud and manipulation.
And empirical work will be needed to see whether it is indeed a more 'apt' description of innovation.
However, both adjectives provide 'apt' descriptions of those scientists in my Rhodes class.
It takes one of 'apt' intellectual capacity to be able to process that entire sentence.
The second sentence of that statement is elliptical, and the whole statement is 'apt' to cause confusion.
So long as the global economy continues to rebound, the outlook for commodities is 'apt' to stay bright.
But in the context of the American culture wars in the political arena, it's an entirely 'apt' and appropriate choice.
It really does look like a jungle, so his description was 'apt' .
Down toward this latter end of the spectrum are folks who are more than ordinarily 'apt' to confuse the wish and the deed, the belief and the fact.
Intuitions are 'apt' to differ, for example, regarding the existence of a moral obligation to pay for the wine delivered to your home by mistake.
David had been busy with Rose, who was definitely a more 'apt' pupil with Dog Speak than Harry had been with sailing language.
We have an innate tendency to avoid pain, and therefore we are 'apt' to conjure up rationalizations that justify our behavior.
This is the kind of non-controversy that is 'apt' to generate more confusion than clarity.
Ask her if she ever thought it necessary to learn acting, and the answer is an 'apt' no.
As his photo attests, he's also been an 'apt' pupil of bodybuilding for the past five years.
Not completely traditional, it was an 'apt' end to a fine conference.
The HOPE Scholarship was put in place more than anything to keep the 'apt' students within the state.
The skillful presentation of the research shows that he has been an 'apt' scholar in the school of Western methodology.
There is no basis for inferring that a different form would have been likely to have been 'apt' or appropriate or sought out.
He was a monk and maverick philosopher; she, the 'apt' and eager pupil.
She becomes quite the 'apt' pupil for him, becoming much like him but resenting him as well.
Delicious decadence dripped from the setting, giving a perfectly 'apt' description of the scene.
They are 'apt' pupils of his bible, a.k.a. the F.A.Q. section of his Web site.
At school he was an 'apt' scholar, and could talk readily in Greek at 15.
He regarded him with a mild smile and slight shake of his head, just like a teacher might regard an 'apt' , but lazy pupil.
In such circumstances car journalists are 'apt' to talk about poor rear seat or limited boot space, or the complicated satellite navigation system.
Therefore, it may be 'apt' to search for physical problems underlying the Prophet's mental troubles.
The revelations of Monday indicate just how 'apt' both those descriptions have turned out to be.
In fact he is an excellent reader of poetry and has a fine eye for selecting 'apt' and surprising examples.
He says that a bowler who learns only by experience is 'apt' to know more about what not to do than what to do.
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