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the test can produce false results
not according with truth or fact; incorrect.
check to see if the trunk has a false bottom
appearing to be the thing denoted; deliberately made or meant to deceive.
translation of 'FALSE'
I stifled a 'false' sob and smiled weakly, as in my mind I thought how ridiculous this whole situation was.
It's more a quest for the tiny slices of life, the images not posed, not burdened by forced smiles or 'false' camaraderie.
She met the stranger's with her best 'false' smile.
Cruising on a motorway is undemanding and lures drivers into a 'false' sense of security, many of them feeling that just one hand loosely resting on the bottom of the steering wheel is adequate for control.
He has gathered evidence of corruption and fraud and collected his findings in a vast private archive that will now be his main weapon in sorting out the truth from propaganda and 'false' allegations.
The report went on to suggest that the much talked about availability of infertility treatments was lulling women into a 'false' sense of security, with many believing IVF was a reliable and easy option.
Crystal approached her with a motherly smile and a 'false' calm performance.
Although suffering from an overabundance of names, 'false' holly makes a handsome evergreen accent at the back of the border.
Ships, towns, and whole armies might fly or display 'false' arms to deceive the enemy.
Perhaps most sinister of all was how the picturesque splendor and tranquil beauty of Beard's Hollow lulled my fiancée Cheryl and me into a 'false' sense of security.
Both facts are, of course, true in one sense - but putting them together without the third fact gives a completely 'false' impression.
He said he was arrested in Indonesia last year while travelling to Australia on a 'false' South African passport and deported here on November 1.
A court heard how 30 fake Belgian and ten 'false' French passports were found in the lining of a bag after Customs officers checked luggage off a flight from Zurich.
Now, I expect that you will not take three months to publicly apologize for spreading 'false' truths about me.
Emerald smiled faintly, but the smile seemed 'false' .
A Yorkshire takeaway owner who helped obtain 'false' passports for failed Turkish asylum-seekers so they could stay longer in Britain has been jailed for 18 months.
The trio were arrested by the Colombian authorities in August 2001 and accused of travelling on 'false' passports and training the FARC militia.
Customs and Excise officers x-rayed his suitcase full of women's clothing he claimed was his girlfriend's and then ripped open its 'false' bottom to uncover the drugs.
The moral of the story: a Virus Scanner that is not regularly updated - at least monthly, but weekly is better - just provides you with a 'false' sense of security.
The distinction between natural and artificial chemical is a 'false' one, used by advertisers to market a product and usually at a higher cost!
Someone was in fact willing to defend spreading rumors and 'false' information on the Internet!
This study points out that most of the published results of medical research are, in fact, 'false' .
Now several papers are suggesting the election battle may be much closer in key marginal seats and that Michael Howard is trying to lull Labour and its supporters into a 'false' sense of security in order to sneak a victory.
Its activists can hide themselves among the civilian population and, using 'false' identities and fake passports, they can move easily across international borders.
‘Different look, but the same person inside,’ he said, his smile not 'false' .
Soon I would be thrust into the upper-class whirlwind of lies and 'false' smiles.
They had 'false' eyelashes, they had shaven their eyebrows, and they had coloured in 12 tones from the eyelash up to the eyebrows.
He blames the long sweeping S-bend at Broad Oak for lulling drivers into a 'false' sense of security and says that although the stretch of road has a 40 mph limit drivers use it like a race track.
In recent years, I have become convinced that one of the biggest obstacles to information security is incorrect reasoning based on 'false' analogies.
Six weeks ago, using a 'false' passport, he apparently sneaked into the United States and decided to seek political asylum on the basis of his past relations with the CIA.
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