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heating is regarded as a basic amenity
a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.
heating is regarded as a basic 'amenity'
We appeal to your generosity to help maintain this valuable 'amenity' .
developments which would clash with 'amenity'
These plant collections are not just maintained in isolation but are often incorporated into gardens of great beauty and 'amenity' .
They defend their actions by spuriously claiming that a piece of 'amenity' in the area will be bulldozed.
A sophisticated analytical approach distinguishing between pain and suffering and loss of 'amenity' is not usually required.
Councillors ruled last year that they were detrimental to visual 'amenity' and had to come down.
The areas of natural 'amenity' in the town have been clearly identified and developed.
National policy could give a more balanced steer to the conflicts of social justice and affordable housing against landscape and 'amenity' .
It serves no-one's interest to require planning permission for types of development that generally do not damage 'amenity' .
They demanded that any modernisation should favour 'amenity' and leisure use.
The residents, however, based their main objections on the parking and fears of loss of 'amenity' around their homes.
It would not take a fortune to create a clean and tidy looking river bank and with a little imagination a very good 'amenity' could be created in this area.
Diminished public 'amenity' relating to injection drug use has also been reported in Kings Cross.
The policies against the application relate in the main to visual 'amenity' and highway safety.
A lot of the surrounding countryside has been classified as National Park, and is great 'amenity' to have on the doorstep.
It is thought that the scheme would include open space, commercial development and public 'amenity' .
the exertion of 'amenity' toward the boss
In so doing, he established for the first time in a court of law that windfarms can damage property values because of damage to visual 'amenity' and noise.
She also said extra noise and congestion, along with the effect on visual 'amenity' , would have an adverse effect on surrounding homes.
This site is located behind a developing business park which is already an intrusion in the countryside so there will be little loss of 'amenity' .
The prospects of severely congested streets, increased health problems and loss of 'amenity' in the city are real concerns.
I therefore consider that the proposal would not result in an unacceptable loss of 'amenity' by way of reduction of outlook and open aspect.
In addition, there is the impact on local 'amenities' such as schools and health centres to be considered.
Once you have decided where you want to live, make sure that the local 'amenities' suit your needs.
It has all the usual local 'amenities' including a primary school and shop.
Servants' quarters, meanwhile, often lack such basic 'amenities' as running water.
His home was destroyed, along with schools and community 'amenities' , and many people were killed.
There is no doubt that the provision of these 'amenities' has been a tremendous success.
A fine first step in this direction would be to provide basic 'amenities' in all the depots.
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