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adolescent angst
a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general.
At the root of the crisis is a deep 'angst' over the dire state of domestic and European economic affairs.
adolescent 'angst'
The sense of 'angst' and melancholy conveyed by Lumley, with the aid of director Hugo Blick, is strangely appealing.
Racism first manifests itself among the group as a form of verbal violence, an expression of general 'angst' .
Through an occasional nocturnal trip to the gym, Matt Murdock finds a way to relieve some of his adolescent 'angst' .
We wouldn't have minded, but she put all our cutlery and crockery away in the wrong places, causing much 'angst' upon our return.
The summer that is now nearly officially behind us has been all about a kind of existential 'angst' for me.
When I was a child I used to cause my mother major fits of 'angst' while trying to keep me still in church.
On the creative front: I'm asking myself about how and why one can derive creativity from 'angst' or annoyance.
It involves a lack of motivation, a destruction of self belief, a general feeling of 'angst' .
What makes these songs so potent is the unmistakable 'angst' festering beneath each one.
the existential 'angst' of the middle classes
Still, few could have predicted he'd fall this deep into a pit of lyrical self-pity and teen 'angst' .
Many of the works that appear in the show depict the 'angst' of the present generation.
I think there is a human dilemma, human pain and 'angst' , and that it is very universal.
rock and pop have a tradition of celebrating adolescent 'angst'
my hair causes me 'angst'
Judging from the press releases that clog my e-mail, there seems to be an upsurge in financial 'angst' among twenty-somethings.
Each of us have tremendous 'angst' and shame and heartache about our eating disorders on the show.
my hair causes me 'angst'
Everything bounces along with a youthful joy, devoid of cynical teenage 'angst' , full of hope and dare we say it slightly soppy.
The audience is propelled into the existential 'angst' of everyday living.
The twin evils of terrorism and teenage 'angst' drove her to bulimia, a condition she tackled only a year back.
Teenage clubs would be formed in schools to tackle teenage 'angst' and improve leadership qualities.
Is it just a deeper than normal journey into adolescent 'angst' or a modern fairy tale?
If there is 'angst' , it is a human condition rather than a disorder specific to the urban, displaced elite.
It is a sign of the times, of our tumultuous, dizzying culture of metaphysical 'angst' .
It didn't seem so, and the approach of my 40th birthday induced a bout of full - blown midlife 'angst' .
Mortgage 'angst' hits commodities
Often, their answers only lead to more questions, hence my interpretational 'angst' .
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