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they can run fast
be able to.
you can use the phone if you want to
be permitted to.
a garbage can
a cylindrical metal container.
Robert faces a year in the can for drug money laundering despite claiming that he never realized his cousin was a drug-dealer.
Canada or Canadian.
translation of 'can'
he 'can' do it himself
Who but the most resentful 'can' seriously doubt that he, too, belongs on that list?
where 'can' she have gone?
they 'can' go a week without eating
we 'can' have another drink if you like
'can' you open the window?
How misguided 'can' you be to choose to eat your lunch in a place that has always been noted for pigeons?
you 'can' use the phone if you want to
he 'can' call around later with it
If you are not working but 'can' still afford it, consider contributing to your pension.
there are many ways holidaymakers 'can' take money abroad
they 'can' only be worn on the beach
she walks in and has to use the 'can'
You 'can' usually choose the date for your operation, which is very rarely cancelled.
It means parents 'can' save money by booking their annual holiday just outside the peak season.
Well, maybe it isn't fair that one very rich man 'can' use his money to buy any player his club chooses.
I feel safer to know that my three older children can call me or I 'can' call them on the mobile phone.
It's not like a screwdriver, which you at least can use to pry a paint 'can' open.
where 'can' she have gone?
You travel four times faster than you 'can' walk using the same amount of energy.
Signal controlled crossings mean pedestrians 'can' only cross when permitted to do so.
antique clocks 'can' seem out of place in modern homes
a beer 'can'
I 'can' speak Italian
You are told that you 'can' open the door at any time you wish, but only once, and only briefly.
a 'can' of hairspray
how 'can' I possibly thank you?
'can' you give me a hand?
You simply get to choose a smaller portion of any of the main courses, or you 'can' choose to share a main course.
Why does Paul use a translator to communicate with a man whose language he 'can' speak?
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