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only Mitch knew how to read the message—even the name was coded
convert (the words of a message) into a particular code in order to convey a secret meaning.
most developers code C like C
write code for (a computer program).
Using axial coding , we further developed the conceptual categories and compared them with each other.
the process of assigning a code to something for the purposes of classification or identification.
Situations can be managed through a system of 'coding' - red, orange, and green.
With this system of 'coding' , confidential information had been buried in the photographs and sent out of the firm.
Experts predict that it could take the rest of the century to finalise the genetic 'coding' that gives all human beings their distinct and individual characteristics.
The first part of the process involved open 'coding' , which began to identify concepts in the data; these concepts were then grouped into categories.
a 'coding' system
A 'coding' system was developed to assess the content and frequency of particular features of mother-child interactive behavior.
Using axial 'coding' , we further developed the conceptual categories and compared them with each other.
A comprehensive discussion of the different 'coding' and payment systems is beyond the scope of this article.
Clinicians sought improved usability and flexibility, whereas national headquarters prioritised business and executive functions such as accurate 'coding' and reimbursement.
Just what choices people will make once they can control the genetic 'coding' of their offspring is one of the most important questions of the 21st century.
The proposals concern innovative 'coding' or discoveries of applications of technology.
In non-Java-compliant operating systems, manual 'coding' of parameters is needed to set up the query.
The hassles of 'coding' and compiling for two separate processors are going to get a little much for developers.
the forms are checked and returned to the census officer for 'coding'
Following the open coding, axial 'coding' took place.
a 'coding' region in human DNA
The use of phages, biological agent detectors, and DNA 'coding' are some of the new technologies being developed today.
Just like a viral infection, the viruses work by tricking cells into accepting them as part of their own genetic 'coding' .
The next step is to polish the coding system and complete the 'coding' of the remaining comments.
A conceptual framework for selective 'coding' was developed that linked unrelated codes to the core category of providing.
Data partitions were set up for all 'coding' and noncoding regions of each locus.
Automated 'coding' of free text typically results in negated concepts being coded as present.
Through an iterative process of 'coding' and revision, we developed a taxonomy of 69 generic types.
Observers were instructed to view the videotape once before 'coding' , and then code the videotape.
The goal of the preliminary 'coding' was to identify the phenomena of interest, and no attempt was made at this point to specify discrete categories.
This 'coding' system assumes that no children were using substances in kindergarten and any reports of use by the sixth grade represent initial onset of substance use.
Asian and white people were identified from the racial 'coding' on death certificates.
Commodification also has brought with it a system of reimbursement based on diagnostic 'coding' according to stringent guidelines.
This general process is known as 'coding' and will be examined in greater detail in Chapter 7.
You do receive a guide book to tax codes with your notice of 'coding' .
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