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I conned him into giving me your home number
persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.
the girls conned their pages with a great show of industry
study attentively or learn by heart (a piece of writing).
when depositors, realizing that the whole thing is a con, demand repayment
an instance of deceiving or tricking someone.
borrowers have to weigh up the pros and cons of each mortgage offer
a disadvantage.
Of course, the 'con' to this is that people at the lower end of each division frequently do very well.
But when Mr Price approached the TV room he was told he ‘could not go in because there was a 'con' in there and two prison officers’.
This done, and for the first time ever, I managed to leave for the 'con' by 10 am fairly sure that everything (so far) was under control.
Finally though, the company could no longer justify the expense and Julie had to either pay his own way or not go to the 'con' .
Just a day before salvation comes, a burly, angry 'con' assaults Nick and sticks his shiv into Nick's gizzard.
The Internet giant has taken almost two weeks to respond to allegations of a scam designed to 'con' its users out of £199.
There was a sentimental love for an old 'con' , an eager romanticising of gaol and crime and social delinquency.
a 'con' artist
the Charter is a glossy public relations 'con'
A lot of the 'con' artists I've arrested are unbelievably charming.
Inmates had their own cells, an improvement over bunking with another 'con' .
It does not lend any credibility to the possibility of Jimmy as a 'con' artist.
If you're an ex 'con' , or your other half is currently in the slammer, there's a place on the internet where you can go and talk to others in your situation.
when depositors, realizing that the whole thing is a 'con', demand repayment
Rita suspects a beautiful 'con' artist is really behind it.
They 'con' the girls into believing they are about to make it onto the front page of every magazine.
At worst, it seemed to be a species of 'con' game - a conviction bolstered by the steadily rising number of frauds, defalcations and market manipulations.
WooJin grinned, he could almost see the shock on the 'con' 's face.
His exceptional skills at grifting combined with his good looks have allowed him to believe that he can 'con' anybody.
‘He's a 'con' artist, he's evil, he's a very dangerous man,’ she said.
you don't snitch to the prison authorities on another 'con'
Too bad they are catering to a 'con' artist's conceit.
This person could therefore be a successful writer - or 'con' artist.
A prison cell, semi-luxuriant, for a deserving 'con' - and I was in it!
I was turning into a regular 'con' artist these days.
Today, she is starting three-and-a-half years behind bars for her latest deceptions, plus six months for trying to 'con' the judge into believing a fish and chip shop was a hospital.
It was also equally nice to have some new faces at the 'con' , and they were all so well behaved so they can attend next year as well.
I've obviously become rather cynical over time, but then when it comes to card tricks, my first thought these days is to look for the 'con' .
Are you deluding yourself or are you a 'con' artist?
Mr Cargill, take the 'con'
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