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Sonora, Mexico, where he learned to cowboy
work as a cowboy.
they are always playing cowboys and Indians
a man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle, especially in the western US and as represented in westerns and novels.
I wanted to make certain that we were going about it correctly, and not employing cowboys on our business.
a person who is reckless or careless, especially when driving an automobile.
"We are not 'cowboy' builders just there for a quick buck.
'cowboy' coach firms are alleged to have flouted safety rules
A former Salvation Army volunteer who preached Christian values has been exposed as a cheating 'cowboy' builder.
What do a man on an assembly line in a New York car factory and a 'cowboy' in Montana have in common?
Victims have described the 'cowboy' car impounders as ‘swarthy and threatening’.
He dropped out to pursue a career as a model and was offered a part as a 'cowboy' surfer in a US sitcom.
Sonora, Mexico, where he learned to 'cowboy'
Would that 'cowboy' in 1851 have a holster that looks like that?
The county's trading standards department has launched the site as part of a crackdown on 'cowboy' firms.
Randolph Scott, on the other hand, was the ruggedly handsome Texan 'cowboy' .
He is the only son of a professional rodeo 'cowboy' , stuntman, actor and Marine Corp. veteran.
He could be the last real 'cowboy' the movies will ever see.
Someone had re-roofed one chamber, a real 'cowboy' job.
We need our renegade 'cowboy' president out of office
A 'cowboy' rides into town and stops at the saloon for a drink.
The company was collared as part of a crackdown on 'cowboy' limo firms with little regard for rules, regulations and passenger safety.
They are ‘taking the gloves off’ when it comes to dealing with bogus businesses and 'cowboy' tradesmen.
The President demonstrated that he was a serious and thoughtful man, and not the Texan 'cowboy' of tabloid cartoons.
She hadn't counted on a young 'cowboy' riding up and seeing her there.
He accepted JM Enterprises was not a 'cowboy' company and had usually taken great care.
Which John Wayne will the 'cowboy' President play?
‘It is not the case of a 'cowboy' firm failing to contact the Environment Agency in order to cut costs,’ he said.
What he wanted, though, was to be an American 'cowboy' .
That horse that that kid has, they are totally responsible for it, to feed, to groom, and that's the horse they learn to 'cowboy' on.
During the ‘30s he 'cowboyed' Sonora County's rough country of rimrocks, canyons and sotols for $30 a month.
Europeans are so much more civilised than the trigger-happy 'cowboys' across the pond.
Today's 'cowboys' can trace their roots back to long trail drives and the following round-up.
But before that, I'm going to go out and do a little 'cowboying' .
And I used to play, you know, running around with guns, 'cowboys' and Indians, in the garden, like all kids did.
A commitment to bar 'cowboys' from the financial arena was behind the tough investor protection laws.
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