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All the pronouns and demonstratives have different forms for each conjunctive, creating such words as walalanggalangguwuy, meaning ‘originating from them’.
a demonstrative determiner or pronoun.
I'm not a very demonstrative person, having always been taught that emotion leads to weakness, so I was more than a little embarrassed.
(of a person) tending to show feelings, especially of affection, openly.
demonstrative evidence
serving as conclusive evidence of something; giving proof.
This wasn't a family that showed what it felt, or courted 'demonstrative' friends.
In addition, it describes the historical origins of 'demonstrative' evidence and incorporates recent social science research on visual processing into its analysis.
Her royal husband, who was not a 'demonstrative' man, went away to a room by himself and gave orders that he was to be left alone.
Elinor, whose self-control is in strong contrast to Marianne's 'demonstrative' emotions, silently conceals her distress.
Definiteness needs to be explicitly encoded by a demonstrative; the 'demonstrative' , therefore, counts as an explicit grounding device.
Dan confessed that his father was so 'demonstrative' he'd grab his grown son's hand and walk with him down the street, hand in hand.
‘Subject’ here means the subject of the conclusion of the 'demonstrative' syllogism.
A number of words were tagged in the texts to separate homographs, so that will is separated into verb and noun forms, that into conjunctive, relative and 'demonstrative' ones, and so on.
Knowledge is composed of demonstrations, even if it may also include definitions; the method of science is 'demonstrative' , even if it may also include the process of defining.
The poet uses the infinitive ‘to frame’ in the previous line in connection with the knight's blameless life, indicating his development of this character as a 'demonstrative' or pictorial representative of virtue.
He ventures upon two examples only of this 'demonstrative' morality; and neither of them is more than verbal or gives any information about good or evil.
I cannot examine all the variants of this argument that have been advanced, but I shall discuss three intendedly 'demonstrative' approaches and an inductive, probabilistic, approach.
He has a lovely sense of humour, but he's not a 'demonstrative' man.
Counsel for the plaintiff argues that all of these illustrations are 'demonstrative' aids which would be used during the trial to inform and assist the jury in understanding their responsibilities.
It is no obstacle to theology that it cannot aim at conclusive 'demonstrative' proof of the reality of God - there are many other worthwhile intellectual goals.
In my view, when the admissibility of 'demonstrative' evidence is in issue, in many cases, a traditional analysis of probative value really misses the point.
Maybe I have a propensity for those sort of muddles, but maybe I'd rather have a propensity for that sort of a muddle, for my 'demonstrative' pronouns are very dear to me.
Figure skating is much like the performing arts because of its 'demonstrative' nature and its ability to be a showcasing of artistic beauty and physical nature.
The data are illustrative rather than 'demonstrative' .
A bio-monitoring programme is also in place which reveals that the emissions do not have a 'demonstrative' effect on the quality of the agricultural products which they have studied.
It is cruel, inhuman and plainly wrong to keep fit parents from their precious children without a compelling, 'demonstrative' reason.
The course's contents included the direct and cross examination of lay and expert witnesses, introduction of evidence and 'demonstrative' exhibits, the making of closing arguments and the opening statement.
For Plato, the proper method for seeking knowledge is not observation but 'demonstrative' proof, or perhaps some other form of a priori reasoning.
With his loud voice and 'demonstrative' personality, Weis usually sets the tone on the practice field.
It has been obvious in the last couple of training sessions we've had that he's more 'demonstrative' and that can only be good news.
Substances are things to which we can refer by use of a 'demonstrative' phrase of the form ‘this so-and-so’; they are things that can be picked out, identified, individuated.
He's very 'demonstrative' and very in charge but he's very bossy, too.
They tend to be emotionally 'demonstrative' and seductive, and use their appearance to attract the attention of others.
Generous and warm-hearted you like to shower your loved one with affection and are very 'demonstrative' and affectionate.
He is very experienced in collating documents, summarizing evidence, arranging diagrammatic and 'demonstrative' evidence and assisting with the general preparation for trial.
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