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she had been so enthralled by the adventure that she had hardly noticed the cold
capture the fascinated attention of.
I love it when books engross and 'enthrall' you like that.
The older man would suddenly sit down and begin a story that would 'enthrall' you so completely, you had no knowledge of the passing of time.
He can 'enthrall' you with a story from his past, and knows the ways of the bush the way city people know the way home from work.
Still, she was pretty, and pretty seemed to be enough to 'enthrall' Fabian's attention.
Our past is something which intrigues, 'enthrals' and captivates us and if for no other reason, history is important because it is interesting to the vast majority of us.
The result is about as 'enthralling' a story as the life of an English professor can reasonably be.
On the way here, she had been 'enthralled' , mesmerised, spellbound by the area.
The story 'enthrals' you from the first page to the last as the plot unravels at a speedy pace.
There are many stories of caddies that 'enthral' and captivate but one of my favourites concerns the application of suitable nicknames by caddies to their peers.
I turn away and feign sudden 'enthrallment' by the display behind me to buy a little time as I debate whether to say hello.
But the eye is dazzled and 'enthralled' by the super-massive black hole that lives deep within the core of the Milky Way.
It's not bad exposition, and it's 'enthralling' in a ‘listening to the stories of an old school friend you've met at the pub’ kind of way.
The result is an exuberant paradox: an almost child-like 'enthrallment' with the world's most proudly cynical city.
As a novelist I needed to write a novel to focus my future travels and research in India, and explore the complexity, range and depth of this 'enthrallment' .
Self-gratification and 'enthralment' to the trivial increasingly characterize society.
His conceit and awful orange hair will carry on 'enthralling' a worldwide audience.
The grand finale brought a beguiled and 'enthralled' audience to their feet for a standing ovation.
Meanwhile, a steady stream of tourists question the participants, and are 'enthralled' and delighted at the aims of the march.
She practiced religiously, gathered confidence, was 'enthralled' by her new adventure.
Those of us who enjoy this genre have been captivated by themes so gripping, stories so mature, and characters so cool that we can't help our 'enthrallment' .
Our first reaction is 'enthralled' delight, but then ominous overtones register.
From language tutorial CDs through rhymes and stories that 'enthral' toddlers to CDs providing information on home improvement and interior design, the show screams assortment.
He could bring his stories to life and 'enthralled' many with his memories from former times.
The event promises to 'enthral' the fraternity of adventure freaks, spectators and participants.
Any reader would be 'enthralled' by the story and find themselves rapidly taking it in.
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