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he was formally attired
in accordance with the rules of convention or etiquette.
the mayor will formally open the new railroad station
translation of 'formally'
the Mayor will 'formally' open the new Railway Centre
If you are doing something in a formal manner, you are behaving 'formally' ; but if you previously behaved differently, you did so formerly.
Stalling for two days in hopes that the British fleet might appear, he 'formally' surrendered on 19 October.
The building will not 'formally' be opened for another few weeks but the organisers of last night's premiere managed to hire it out for the occasion.
'formally' complex types of text
The permanent element, with its symbolic entrance bridge and pylon, proclaimed itself structurally and 'formally' by a group of six roof towers.
Early in 1990, our institute 'formally' opened to foreign volunteers.
He added the minister had 'formally' approved the inquiry.
This decision was 'formally' incorporated in the Convention by amendment the following year.
You were rather 'formally' attired, wearing a velvet dress that would have been appropriate for a concert stage.
he was 'formally' attired
I think that the reason he took the trouble to dress 'formally' is because he had a great regard for etiquette.
The case was not 'formally' opened and details of the incident will be revealed at the next hearing.
When I'm referring to it and to its predecessors more 'formally' I use the term ‘notebook’.
If we opened the border more 'formally' , many more people would come.
At present most services are only open to men 'formally' charged with assault.
The room's tables, nevertheless, slowly filled with students, many clothed 'formally' in dresses, suits and ties.
the mayor will 'formally' open the new railroad station
The mound and the historic mosaic are due to be 'formally' opened in July.
All the movements spring from their own generative musical cell, and elaborate that germ into a 'formally' complete and rounded whole.
The decision to dissolve Parliament or appoint Cabinet ministers is 'formally' exercised by the monarch, who acts on the Prime Minister's advice.
he was 'formally' attired
The Commission said that, of the 19 alleged breaches, a case had been 'formally' opened for 14 and five were still at the enquiries stage.
Sophocles' play was for Aristotle an exemplary tragedy, both 'formally' , in terms of unity of action, and in its tragic story.
The coroner will 'formally' open and adjourn the inquest today in Salisbury.
This is apparent both 'formally' in the materials of the sculpture and in terms of the testimonies she has collected.
He apologised for not wearing a suit, but quickly made it clear that he was more 'formally' attired than his normal dress of a T-shirt.
Paired with a tie, a pocket square tends to make a man look more 'formally' attired.
The judge noted the respondent's objection to reliance on this passage but does not appear to have 'formally' ruled on it.
In December of 1946, a grand jury was convened to decide 'formally' whether to charge the suspects and try them.
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