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she savored her few hours of freedom and solitude
the state or situation of being alone.
translation of 'solitude '
All was peace, light and 'solitude' - which can do strange things to a person.
However people should know that loneliness and 'solitude' are not synonyms.
For a few hours, my kid was next door at the Nappers and I had peace and 'solitude' .
Bachelorhood has long taught me that 'solitude' is not loneliness.
she savoured her few hours of freedom and 'solitude'
A lyrical, a scholarly, a fastidious mind might have used seclusion and 'solitude' to perfect its powers.
We have just the right amount of time to bond, tempered by long stretches that allow 'solitude' and privacy should we desire them.
As someone whose self reposes on a great slab of 'solitude' , such a situation would drive me nuts.
It is a creature of 'solitude' , travelling alone, and a splendour in the bush.
It had been the perfect place to work on his greatest inventions in complete peace and 'solitude' .
All the attacks were on couples enjoying some late-night 'solitude' in cars at isolated car parks.
At long last peace and 'solitude' , she thought, tossing her purse onto the nearby table.
It tells us that God is, in a sense, a community of persons, not a solitary living in 'solitude' , alone and distant.
It had taken only a few minutes' exposure to the pre-Christmas rush for me to once again yearn for peace and 'solitude' .
Happiness is 'solitude' , thinks the hermit who lives alone on his island.
The rugged landscape and mountains provide a wealth of opportunities for peace and 'solitude' and the water is clear and inviting.
As increasing numbers of people choose to live or work alone, 'solitude' is often celebrated in 2001.
Maybe you like the peace and 'solitude' of the early hours of the morning so that you can get on with various important tasks uninterrupted.
she savored her few hours of freedom and 'solitude'
It's time for him to have a chance in 'solitude' and privacy to reconnect with his family.
This trance is achieved in complete 'solitude' and yogis can enter into it or get out of it at will.
Yet we have a better chance of 'solitude' here than on most islands.
One would have said that the writer must have threaded its wildest 'solitudes' by the light of the moon and stars as well as by day.
Can Layton's national social alternative find a voice in the riding's four 'solitudes' of Capilano, the city, Lynn Valley and Seymour?
There are still, as on the first days of creation, rivers whose founts never run dry, green and watery 'solitudes' , and limitless fields never yet turned by the ploughshare.
In these eight chapters we are shown that Bristol and its hinterland existed as two 'solitudes' - wary of one another and keeping each other at arm's length.
It is still a disparate monstrosity, full of 'solitudes' & barrens & wilds.
Netflix to adapt Marquez's 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'
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