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audiocassettes are an interesting alternative to reading
one of two or more available possibilities.
the various alternative methods for resolving disputes
(of one or more things) available as another possibility.
translation of 'alternative'
एखाद्या गोष्टीविषयी वापरता येणारा
So until the 'alternative' route is available I expect to be able to use the existing roadway for access purposes.
Can you talk about how and why it was humanism that triumphed over 'alternative' possibilities?
I think this is what appealed to our adolescent selves, as it appeals to a lot of fans of 'alternative' music.
Here in the States, 'alternative' media have become extremely compartmentalised.
Our lease expires next year and we need to find an 'alternative' home as quickly as possible.
The book answers all these questions by analogy, with instances from the 'alternative' America of the novel.
Bosses have promised to find 'alternative' jobs within the company for as many people as possible.
Listening to this record momentarily makes one feel that all is well in 'alternative' music.
Find the best 'alternative' therapy for your lifestyle and health needs.
He even suggests that the argument has merit by moving onto the issue of possible 'alternative' sources of funding.
It used to sell books and pamphlets about 'alternative' cultures and lifestyles.
In fact the experience made me wish that I had taken an 'alternative' form of transport.
They've been known to hassle people who choose 'alternative' lifestyles and dodge taxes.
An 'alternative' method is to use a blow torch which will soften the varnish or paint, allowing easy removal with a scraper.
I mean they ought to be able to reflect on possible 'alternative' views, and some do.
They are being offered 'alternative' seats as similar as possible to the ones they have at Maine Road.
Look at some of the most experimental 'alternative' music going around at the moment.
Occasionally, though, I do browse around for 'alternative' flavours and new experiences.
Peanut flour is a cheap and quick 'alternative' method for thickening dishes.
It is not as if there is some ready 'alternative' available to citizens carrying out official duties.
Ministers claim that an adequate 'alternative' is available for men and women who are cohabiting.
Witchcraft has come out of the shadows and is entering British society as a viable 'alternative' lifestyle.
Walsh says the company will just have to be innovative in seeking 'alternative' forms of finance.
Where such data are not available, there are 'alternative' ways of securing suitable information.
We will be contacting them again when an 'alternative' service is available.
This had been set up by left wing activists as an 'alternative' to the mainstream, segregated colleges.
Are you influenced by 'alternative' music, is that something you have a passion for?
Bizarrely, it completely omits any reference to 'alternative' lifestyles or kinks of any kind.
The band Hell is for Heroes has denounced it as ‘a great blow to 'alternative' music’.
They insisted it was the only venue for 'alternative' music in this city of 850,000 people.
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