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she would love him forever
for all future time; for always.
she was forever pushing her hair out of her eyes
these puppies need a forever home
lasting or permanent.
translation of 'forever'
Rejas finds himself drawn to her, but takes 'forever' making a move, not that anything can come of it, of course.
A team from the State is 'forever' on the move, reaching out to the people and inviting them over.
Sophie has long brown hair that is 'forever' getting in her face while she paints.
These people always spend the effort to look at me and 'forever' love whatever I wear.
He lived like a man 'forever' falling in love with his wife and child and family.
He took a deep breath and said a quick prayer for courage, then he moved on with his life, a life that would 'forever' seem empty and pointless.
His muscles began to ache again as he continued doing this for what seemed like 'forever' .
In that one instant my previous typical young bloke sense of immortality disappeared 'forever' .
She ran into the dense wood trying to hide but he was always there, 'forever' catching up to her.
Ireland 'forever'!
Boy is called urgently to obscure Greek Island, where it seems girl has disappeared 'forever' into the realm of dreams.
For those 'forever' on the move nothing is quite as appealing as a tailback on the M8.
But one alarm clock, boom of thunder, or shout in the street later and your one true love is gone 'forever' .
When seamless stockings were developed it changed the future of ladies hosiery 'forever' .
The bishop, Father, Henry and the others were moving towards him, taking 'forever' to arrive.
At what killing researching point do whales really truly scientifically begin to disappear 'forever' ?
Well, Larry, in my experience as a fed, it takes the feds 'forever' to move on anything.
Motherhood certainly changes you 'forever' but not always in obvious or particularly visible ways.
It must have existed at some point, but now it's vanished, gone, disappeared, 'forever' .
For anyone reading this who has had to have a baby adopted for any reason, be assured that they will think of you always and 'forever' .
I lay there for what seemed like 'forever' before I could breathe, let alone move.
These new parents said they would be there 'forever' and always but so did his birth mom.
Five months after the visitation, all the witnesses disappear 'forever' .
nothing lasts 'forever'
Lisa noted the way his light brown hair fell over his forehead and the way he was 'forever' pushing it back.
In the face of systemic or structural inadequacy, war cannot be avoided 'forever' and is always just around the corner.
Sadly, like the line from a disco song, this everlasting love couldn't last 'forever' .
It took 'forever' for her to realize I had moved on and I considered her a thing of the past.
you'll be waiting 'forever'!
he thought he'd live 'forever'
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