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he was able to read Greek at the age of eight
having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something.
the dancers were technically very able
having considerable skill, proficiency, or intelligence.
able to be.
due to be.
we'll help you as much as we're 'able'
she's very 'able'
The translation was made by an array of the most 'able' scholars and poets of the time.
They do not trust the sites as genuine and do not like not being 'able' to see what they are buying.
You need to have a strong squad to be 'able' to compete in the top half of the Premiership.
Even as she got older and became physically less 'able' , she was still as sharp as a button.
We have had a really hard year and I would have never been 'able' to afford to pay for it.
It is not known if any of the riders will be 'able' to compete at the top level again.
Participants do not need to be 'able' to read music or to have sung with a choir before.
are you 'able' to help?
I hope you will be 'able' to take a few moments to read the following and to add your name to it.
So the limelight was off us a bit and we were 'able' to prepare quietly and save our best for last.
It is one thing to be granted powers, it is another to be 'able' to use them effectively.
The country needs more 'able' , less ideologically warped people in charge.
Mark has just started to be 'able' to take a few steps but will never have full mobility again.
The dog is 'able' to hear the owner through the speaker on the phone and can bark in response.
I saw this movie on t.v. years and years ago and have yet to be 'able' to find it in a video store.
This will encourage children to work hard to improve in areas where they are less 'able' .
she's 'able' to use the new system
He may not have been 'able' to afford the art at the galleries but he met the people who could.
Born into a noble family, Neroccio was one of the most 'able' artists of late 15th-century Siena.
to be 'able' to pay for sth
They have roots in the area yet are worried they may not be 'able' to afford to return to it.
They are allowed one magazine and they might be 'able' to earn the right to have a book.
In some ways not being able to drive now is analogous to not being 'able' to read a century ago.
When you add in council tax and other bills we know we wouldn't be 'able' to afford that.
It seems just wonderful to be 'able' to take pictures of anything you want and post it.
They will be 'able' to travel on one of the club's two yachts and its fleet of private jets.
She was 'able' to break free and punch one of the men when two passersby came to her aid.
I'll be there as soon as I'm 'able'
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