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we usually go abroad for a week in May
in or to a foreign country or countries.
millions of seeds are annually scattered abroad
in different directions; over a wide area.
servicemen returning from abroad
foreign countries considered collectively.
Simon, who is hoping to go 'abroad' on a long holiday when it is all over, added: ‘Never fall out with your family, you never know when you might need them.’
If we can hire foreign coaches why can't we go 'abroad' to gain more experience and improve our form?
So the Lord scattered them 'abroad' from that place upon the face of all the earth.
Why do they think they are so much better than everyone else when they go 'abroad' ?
His informal style of speech and amicable personality, combined with professional experience at home and 'abroad' make him a distinctive figure in contemporary Japan.
Please don't go 'abroad' without travel insurance.
This exhibition reflects scenes and inspiration from his travels at home and 'abroad' .
con artists 'abroad' on the streets of the town
It's impossible to read of the terrors 'abroad' in her shabby streetscapes without total emotional involvement.
Food aid from 'abroad' must now make up for these lost harvests.
I don't remember having holidays as a kid - we just used to play football, or whatever - and I didn't go 'abroad' until I was at university, when we went to Urbino in Italy.
we were stranded 'abroad'
Such flexibility is obviously one of the reasons it can compete so effectively against vigorous competition at home and 'abroad' .
competition from companies at home and 'abroad'
to go 'abroad'
A center has been set up at the Chaklala Airbase in Islamabad to speedily transport the relief goods received from 'abroad' to the designated areas, he said.
According to Kinley, ‘It's that Canadian insecurity - if you want something good, you go 'abroad' for it.’
In our three weeks in Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, we saw amazing sites and felt remarkable spirits 'abroad' in the land.
The commission says the healthcare aspect of the proposal, allowing patients to go 'abroad' to get treatment due to long waiting lists in their home countries, clarifies the existing practice.
Their latest move was divulged yesterday at the same time as the National Farmers Union warned that bringing home food or plants from 'abroad' could bring a serious risk of spreading disease.
So despite the widespread acceptance of bioengineered crops in this country, farmers still worry whether they'll be able to sell what they grow at home and 'abroad' .
A spirit of enquiry is 'abroad' among the Chinese, and there is a class of students, by no means small in number, who receive with avidity instruction on scientific matters from the West.
competition from companies at home and 'abroad'
They could only walk 'abroad' in the streets if accompanied by a slave or other attendant.
hospital inmates 'abroad' on the streets of the town
Most of her stock, she says, comes from Denmark and Germany and she travels to fairs and trade-shows both at home and 'abroad' to see what is available and to buy.
news from 'abroad'
servicemen returning from 'abroad'
there is a new buccaneering spirit 'abroad'
First, there may be an entrepreneurial spirit increasingly 'abroad' in Sweden and its cultural industries that has led to a wave of start-ups.
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