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topics will vary in degrees of abstraction
the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.
geometric abstraction has been a mainstay in her work
freedom from representational qualities in art.
the question can no longer be treated as an academic 'abstraction'
Mr Lidington said many water users were already struggling to pay their bills and warned that the Bill's proposals on 'abstraction' could push them even higher.
She seems quiet and reserved, carefully fingering the showy flowers with a wistful air of 'abstraction' , lost in her own thoughts.
Bad farming practices, soil erosion, water 'abstraction' and the building of dam walls which prevent its upstream spawning migration are just some of the threats it faces.
Geometric 'abstraction' , thirties activism, and Surrealism had their day in American art, but not at the Intimate Gallery or An American Place.
In the early years of the 20th century the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian was one of the first to take the step from representation to pure 'abstraction' .
Rather than address these questions from the realm of critical 'abstraction' , however, Brown, like Bishop, addresses them from one of particulars.
The horizontal bands of sky and sea take on the rich tonal consistencies of a Rothko 'abstraction' .
This historical perspective is by no means simply a theoretical 'abstraction' .
That said, my ambition was and still is to bring nuclear weapons out of the realm of 'abstraction' and present them as a concrete subject rather than a theoretical policy issue.
topics will vary in degrees of 'abstraction'
topics will vary in degrees of 'abstraction'
The aim is to increase the awareness of the existing legislative and regulatory framework in relation to water 'abstraction' , production limitations and effluent discharges.
Quiet Fire in Blue Sky, a moderately sized oil on canvas, is an 'abstraction' with subtle references to the visible world.
In 'abstraction' from all such contexts, epistemic questions simply get no purchase.
America cannot intervene, because the nation exists only as an 'abstraction' .
The solicitor listened with an air of glassy-eyed 'abstraction' .
At that level of 'abstraction' , the idea, though expressed in the design, would not have represented sufficient of the author's skill and labour as to attract copyright protection.
One beneficial effect of this curatorial decision was to emphasize that Palermo never gave up representation in favor of 'abstraction' .
To do this entails a degree of 'abstraction' in the course of which patternings emerge, patternings of repetition and difference.
Indeed, one might argue that the languages of music and of dance share a degree of 'abstraction' somewhat compromised by the incursion of word and plot.
‘Through 'abstraction' I aspire towards the infinite rather than the specific,’ she observes.
Flow rates have been reduced due to greater water 'abstraction' .
Hope is not just a thing, a fantasy, a concept or an 'abstraction' .
On the Thames these days, with increased water 'abstraction' , the river tends to go quickly from a flood to a no-flow situation.
the question cannot be considered in 'abstraction' from the historical context in which it was raised
At last week's meeting, the councillors raised their own issues or concerns about the water 'abstraction' , which is proposed for the northern, upstream side of Athy.
I think what plausibility the contrary argument might seem to possess results from treating the act of lighting the cigarette in 'abstraction' from the circumstances as a separate act.
Some interpreters have Aristotle distinguish the sciences on the basis of their degree of 'abstraction' from matter.
At first, it appeared to be an atmospheric 'abstraction' made of green and silvery blue brushstrokes.
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