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Of greater significance was the conservative outlook of the University's academics .
a teacher or scholar in a college or institute of higher education.
academic achievement
of or relating to education and scholarship.
the debate has been largely academic
not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.
The bursary received will afford the elite sports person the opportunity to compete at the highest level while pursuing a course of 'academic' study at the Institute.
I realise this is of purely 'academic' interest to readers.
Charles Russell invites us to break out of the confinements of 'academic' art and art history in order to open our eyes a little wider and take a glimpse at what is a far greater vision.
This is what passes for humor in an 'academic' family.
All of these factors contribute significantly to their high dropout rates and poor 'academic' achievement.
that argument is entirely 'academic'
His education was paid by a full 'academic' scholarship from some charitable foundation; her education was paid by her parents.
The teachers have helped establish the school's orderly and serious atmosphere, and its culture deeply respectful of 'academic' achievement.
It is interesting to see how 'academic' writers ‘anonymously’ describe themselves and their works.
He was quite 'academic' , was a great help at home and nothing was ever too much trouble for him.
That solution is of more than 'academic' interest.
And it reflects the wide range of courses available at the region's universities, alongside the more traditional 'academic' courses associated with degree courses.
Much of what Elgar as composer put into practice went well beyond what was available to him in the textbooks or what could have been derived from an institutional 'academic' course on music.
You may not have all the book smarts that some people do, and I was certainly never an 'academic' person.
Such issues are not the stuff of 'academic' painting, which operates within a closed system.
Most of my 'academic' friends engage in similar pursuits.
In Gerome's quasi-photographic version of 'academic' painting, tone came first.
A second factor was the development of scientific and technical education to confer coveted 'academic' qualifications on the captains of industry.
This was the case that upheld a Washington law that gave 'academic' scholarships to qualified students, but forbid them from using them to study theology.
Universities have been encouraged to provide more practical training and decrease the emphasis on 'academic' study.
The Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, has questioned public funding of purely 'academic' courses.
But then Miller began taking more traditional 'academic' courses and found he loved being a college student.
The word communication is debated in today's 'academic' environments.
This painting within a painting shows a flayed figure whose blue body resembles an ecorche statuette used in 'academic' life-study classes.
In fact, if Kaplan wants, I can be his 'academic' groupie.
Some seek extra practicum experiences outside their 'academic' departments prior to internship in an effort to compensate for the lack of breadth in their training.
Burrell received a 2004 Jazz Educator of the Year award from Down Beat magazine for 'academic' achievement and excellence in jazz education.
On the other hand, they could be very selective admitting only those of the highest 'academic' qualifications and achievements.
As a result, modernism seems to germinate - naturally and inescapably - in the damp, sweetly rotten soil of 'academic' art.
I chose to interview eleven Vietnamese refugee youths who received scholarships for their 'academic' achievement.
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