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the town is accessible by bus
(of a place) able to be reached or entered.
he is more accessible than most tycoons
(of a person, typically one in a position of authority or importance) friendly and easy to talk to; approachable.
It is 'accessible' to any listener who can understand Barber's Adagio for Strings or Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht.
As a society we are still designing buses and taxis according to non-disabled norms, rather than ensuring that any taxi or bus is 'accessible' for wheelchairs and prams and other exceptions to the norm.
Most sites and programs in the park are 'accessible' to persons with disabilities.
BBC Birmingham's new production centre is more 'accessible' to the public than ever before.
All of these tests were done in our large, airy, wheelchair 'accessible' , multi-purpose community hall.
Really smart, very friendly, 'accessible' , and definitely more on top of what is going on in the lab.
‘It's important for me that I am 'accessible' and approachable, it doesn't matter what level or who the participants are,’ said Cattermole.
The restaurant is non-smoking and wheelchair 'accessible' .
For all his commitment to the faith and practice of the church, Childs has not written a commentary easily 'accessible' to those working in the church.
The sooner educationalists use 'accessible' and understandable terms, the more sensible their pronouncements will become.
Roads are excellent and many of the prime areas are 'accessible' by 2WD vehicles although for the most remote areas it is only safe to travel in convoys of 4WD vehicles.
Pop-rock is rock music that's 'accessible' enough to be appreciated by anybody.
We want people to feel they are an 'accessible' and approachable channel of communication.
Of course, not all destinations are 'accessible' by bus, and you can't always cram two kids and the family dog onto a Greyhound.
Appreciation of context transforms knowledge to understanding, and only education can make that context 'accessible' to us.
For the purpose of this review, it is important to stress the book's lively, engaging, jargon - free tone, making it 'accessible' to any intelligent reader.
Almost the entire venue, including all stages and podiums, was wheelchair 'accessible' .
The museum is fully 'accessible' , and wheelchairs are available.
Wendy, Jack and Caryn helped design Quarantine Reserve in 1988 to make sure it was fully 'accessible' for people in wheelchairs, and even the barbecues have ramps so they can be used by all.
Store the information on your computer, but also make a hard copy that is easily 'accessible' to your family.
Should she return to work before then, it is likely that some adjustments would have to be made at the courts to make them more 'accessible' for wheelchair users.
This keeps great volumes of data easily 'accessible' to users at all times without overloading primary storage or requiring expensive disk purchases for less active data.
The graveyard is only 'accessible' by sea, so sailors from the Type 22 warship hopped in a boat provided by the British Embassy in the Omani capital, Muscat, to reach the cove.
It said primary care trusts must pay much more attention to men's health, particularly by making local services more easily 'accessible' to them.
Several key buildings in Waterford, including churches, are still not recognising the needs of disabled people because they're not wheelchair 'accessible' .
But I think he will appreciate it for its openness, I hope, and how it helps to make Jesus approachable, 'accessible' .
And the supporting studies are more 'accessible' to the intelligent layperson than some reports suggest.
A spokesperson for Ms Harney said she is committed to making the full range of cancer services available and 'accessible' to cancer patients throughout Ireland.
It's really about ensuring that the company resources are maintained and easily 'accessible' to the right people.
She complained that the steps up to the health centre were not 'accessible' to anyone in a wheelchair or with a pram and called for structural improvements to be carried out on the centre urgently.
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