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the cabins accommodate up to 6 people
(of physical space, especially a building) provide lodging or sufficient space for.
any language must accommodate new concepts
fit in with the wishes or needs of.
making users 'accommodate' to the realities of today's marketplace
The system cannot revolve around any one case, but must try to 'accommodate' the needs of all cases.
the cabins 'accommodate' up to 6 people
any language must 'accommodate' new concepts
any language must 'accommodate' new concepts
In the case of genuine absence, you must see if you can 'accommodate' the needs of the employee.
making consumers 'accommodate' to the realities of today's marketplace
It is difficult to 'accommodate' the wishes of all in the community but we do try to get it right as far as we possibly can.
The chapel could only 'accommodate' a fraction of the people and each mass was dedicated to all the victims.
The local government has thus far built shelters to 'accommodate' people from the area.
The one issue they all agree on is that the work world must change to 'accommodate' families.
Not for Mandarin, but for the other local languages it is designed to 'accommodate' .
The daguerreotypist was expected to 'accommodate' the wishes of his clients.
Some of the pigs might also go to nearby farm buildings if neighbouring farms could 'accommodate' them, he added.
Certain other measures have been adopted to 'accommodate' the claimant's wishes.
Every effort should be made to 'accommodate' the wishes of women and their partners.
the cottages 'accommodate' up to six people
Meanwhile, new buildings on the four hectare site will 'accommodate' another 60 flats.
Difference of opinion is good but we must learn to 'accommodate' each other's point of view at the same time.
An old cooperage behind the Scottish Fisheries Museum 'accommodates' Peter Jukes' lauded seafood restaurant.
This has led to religious decline, but it has also led to religious reformation with churches 'accommodating' change in diverse ways.
At present there are eight public off-street car parks 'accommodating' 935 cars, with seven private car parks with over 600 spaces.
The hospital also 'accommodates' visitors to the Irish Kidney Association's Respite Centre in Tramore.
Human history is a history of progress - of forging ahead and improving our lot by changing our circumstances, not 'accommodating to' them.
Some still hold these positions, and a few have even 'accommodated to' changing times and become sound, although never outstanding, university administrators.
Post-operative physiotherapy has to be 'accommodative' to let muscles heal.
Ko Olina Marina is a modern 270-slip facility 'accommodating' boats up to 150 feet with all the comforts of home - no decaying docks here.
THE FED HAS TAKEN POLICY from restrictive to 'accommodative' in less than five months, providing stimulus that will begin to hit the economy this fall, not to mention the coming impact from tax cuts.
Girls end up more 'accommodated to' academia and flock to college, which may need to do affirmative action for males to keep the male-to-female ratio in balance.
As in the far more lucrative arena of the visual arts, dance lost its oppositional fervor as it 'accommodated to' both political and economic realities.
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