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we have confidence in the accuracy of the statistics
the quality or state of being correct or precise.
It gives you that bit more freedom to not worry about consistency or 'accuracy' and instead concentrate on getting something written.
the 'accuracy' of radiocarbon dating
I don't think that anyone can predict with any 'accuracy' where the world is headed.
'accuracy' of information
What he has lost out on, however, is the pinpoint 'accuracy' that used to be the defining quality of his bowling.
However, these studies have not generally had enough participants to provide precise estimates of 'accuracy' .
They can predict with considerable 'accuracy' what those satellites can see, and when.
we have confidence in the 'accuracy' of the statistics
How will his 'accuracy' and confidence be shaken after getting hit play after play?
The book has been meticulously poured over for 'accuracy' by Fourth Estate's own lawyers.
The Huntress notched arrow after arrow and hit each target with precise 'accuracy' .
she hit the ball with great 'accuracy'
It is a critique that is appalling in its lack of quality, substance, and, indeed, 'accuracy' .
'accuracy' in computation
They used electric saws and did their duty with commendable 'accuracy' .
Perhaps are some of us in touch with our psychic energy and able to use it to predict with 'accuracy' ?
To our knowledge, ours is the first study to assess the popularity as well as the quality and 'accuracy' of health related websites.
At the upper end, there are a wide range of professional quality saws with power and 'accuracy' to spare.
he had great 'accuracy'
I can still see his slight frame darting past defenders and rifling over points with unerring ease and 'accuracy' .
He gave a flawless performance inspiring confidence by his pinpoint 'accuracy' .
I received an email at the beginning of August from an astrologer which laid out this prediction with bone chilling 'accuracy' .
The Speaker cannot do that, or judge the quality or 'accuracy' of an answer.
we have confidence in the 'accuracy' of the statistics
In these cases, the likely outcomes can be predicted with some 'accuracy' .
the figures showed a great degree of 'accuracy'
Where on the social ladder a person was born predicted, with depressing 'accuracy' , where they would end up.
the 'accuracy' of radiocarbon dating
We cannot know the mind of the creator with sufficient certainty to predict this with perfect 'accuracy' .
How could we then measure time intervals with 'accuracies' of better than one part in ten to the power thirteen?
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