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accurate information about the illness is essential
(of information, measurements, statistics, etc.) correct in all details; exact.
reliable, accurate rifles
(with reference to a weapon, missile, or shot) capable of or successful in reaching the intended target.
I would have expected that Crikey strongly supports the rapid provision of 'accurate' information to correct errors.
She also explained how coronary angiography is the most 'accurate' method of evaluating and determining the type of surgery a patient needs.
Hunters had no very 'accurate' weapons for shooting small birds at a distance; they would throw a net over the crouching dog and the birds together.
There were no 'accurate' measurements of the weather to call upon during this time but the discovery and colonization of Greenland by Eric the Red supports this hypothesis.
Today, we can reveal we have obtained a draft copy of that very test, a powerful and highly 'accurate' method of assessing individuals for senior positions.
If diaries can't be relied on for 'accurate' representation of the past, as this argument would maintain, then we need to read them much the way we read novels.
You could also use a digital thermometer to take an axillary temperature, although this is a less 'accurate' method.
'accurate' information
Mick Nevin and Pat Dowling executed a slick and 'accurate' interchange of passes that created the space for Paul Dermody to advance and secure a 68th minute lead for Villa.
The addition of Global Positioning System equipment makes the weapons even more 'accurate' .
The sensor can time this journey down to the nanosecond, ESA says, meaning that the instrument is 'accurate' to within two centimetres.
For detailed and 'accurate' information about Bradford trolley buses, I would recommend the several books by J S King.
Distributing free tickets before the event solved the first problem because we now had an 'accurate' measurement of how many students were planning to attend.
Stronskiy is an engineer at Izhmash, and known for creating superbly 'accurate' target rifles.
One of the main problems they face is getting detailed and 'accurate' information from potential companies.
‘From measurements on the map and 'accurate' measurements on the ground there is something wrong in that area,’ he said.
I enjoyed it for what it was, but I wasn't overly inspired or captivated by Jo's life - however 'accurate' a representation it really is.
'accurate' diagram
'accurate' to half a gram
The corrected equation therefore makes a more 'accurate' prediction.
It's a good all-around weapon with 'accurate' fire.
And lastly, our future emphasizes advancements in smarter, smaller and more 'accurate' weapons.
The writing is full of exposition and flowery, stilted language that may in fact be historically 'accurate' but in large measure prevents the characters from coming to life.
In an age where ‘getting it right’ is everything, smart, 'accurate' weapons may actually seem more moral, intelligent and correct.
Since then the US military has claimed its weapons are more 'accurate' and its targets more carefully selected.
Greene and his associates have devised a more 'accurate' method for calculating graduation rates.
I don't know if this is an 'accurate' visual representation of Gaby, but I'm looking at the picture representing the father here.
In addition, the effects of a particular treatment can be more precisely calculated and evaluated with 'accurate' measurements.
People expect photographs to be 'accurate' representations or records of reality.
The sundial developed into a more 'accurate' instrument with the introduction of the hemispherical sundial around 300 BC.
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