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The Moscow State Circus is famous worldwide thanks to its spectacular displays from acrobats , clowns, gymnasts, trapeze artists and lots more.
an entertainer who performs gymnastic feats.
What intellectual acrobat will you find stooped in the cotton fields with sore and bleeding hands?
a person noted for constant change of mind, allegiance, etc..
Jackson is a known verbal 'acrobat' , able to say things without really saying them.
What intellectual 'acrobat' will you find stooped in the cotton fields with sore and bleeding hands?
Wilmer already performs as an 'acrobat' , trick motorcyclist, trapeze artist, magician, dancer and clown.
Maybe he is a sort of philosophical 'acrobat' , balancing himself in precarious equilibrium on the rope of marginality.
Then we'd be able to hold big gymnastics festivals where masses of gymnasts and 'acrobats' would perform.
Both were, of course, memorable events which used spectacular fireworks, 'acrobats' , singers, dancers and musicians to showcase the city to the world.
The show includes a breath-taking array of 'acrobats' , gymnasts and dancers and runs until Sunday, February 22.
As a self-confessed slob, I have amazing respect for what these guys do with their urban ballet: they're athletes, stuntmen, 'acrobats' , gymnasts and martial artists all rolled into one.
The boy boxers, no less than the storytellers, 'acrobats' , dancers and musicians, are, to this extent, part of a total experience.
The Moscow State Circus is famous worldwide thanks to its spectacular displays from 'acrobats' , clowns, gymnasts, trapeze artists and lots more.
The play itself begins at 8: 30 p.m., but the spectacle begins at 7: 30 with a team of 'acrobats' performing death-defying feats.
We need all kinds of artists, from painters to performers, architects to 'acrobats' and journalists to jewellery makers.
The private Cirque du Soleil show will feature more than 70 artists from around the world, including gymnasts, 'acrobats' , dancers and clowns.
The camera pulls back to reveal three 'acrobats' performing on sashes against the spectacular roof of the Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria.
Musicians and 'acrobats' entertain in a discreet way.
Later the group realised that its 'acrobats' , walkers, gymnasts and stilt walkers needed a high protein diet.
There is a thriving leisure class, which has given way to a class of well-off entertainers - dancers, 'acrobats' , singers and other such performers in addition to the usual street variety.
The Great Bombay Circus is here, and the star attractions this time are the breathtaking performances by Russian 'acrobats' .
Entertainment was provided by 'acrobats' , clowns and sometimes gladiators.
Street entertainers including clowns, 'acrobats' , jugglers, and even walking wheeled dustbins and flower planters will entertain the crowds around town centre streets.
And if this is a trendsetter, our action sequences are not going to have beefy people flexing their muscles or lean and steely 'acrobats' performing somersaults anymore.
After a sumptuous dinner the ‘tourists’ were astounded by the talents of Chinese 'acrobats' , performing feats of extreme flexibility, strength and coordination.
Musicians, dancers, 'acrobats' , clowns, actors, mimes and every hybrid in between entertain and educate audiences of kids, their parents and teachers.
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