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By the way, they discuss many different kinds of bias on the part of the news agency, not just choice between actives and passives.
an active form of a verb.
I needed to change my lifestyle and become more active
(of a person) engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.
she was an active member of the church
doing things for an organization, cause, or campaign, rather than simply giving it one's support.
the proposals are under 'active' consideration
she's still 'active'
Morbid thoughts plagued her overly 'active' imaginative mind and sent chills down her spine.
It was, indeed, a confluence of 'active' minds from various schools in Madurai district.
The chemical, salicylic acid, is an 'active' ingredient in aspirin, which is known to thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease and bowel cancer.
I try to mentor nurses into becoming 'active' in their professional organization and in the political arena.
Who knows, perhaps some people like a busy, 'active' church: but somehow wonder and reverence seem to go better with quiet.
Cosmetic lotions and potions don't contain enough of the 'active' ingredient they boast to have any noticeable effect.
Chuck Feeney is described by those who've met him as an 'active' , vigorous man with the athletic physique of a former runner.
Not that I've spent a lot of time rummaging around such places, mind you, but I got me an 'active' imagination.
Women, at least in the economic sphere, are as 'active' as men, while the latter also exercise domination in the private sphere.
He also keeps himself fairly socially 'active' , spearheading a charity to benefit inner-city youths of musical talent.
The vast majority of judicial appointees are over forty and are 'active' members of the president's party.
His brother, Geer van Velde (1898 - 1977), was also a painter and likewise 'active' mainly in France.
They then perform a crude screening of the organisms to determine if they contain novel chemicals that are biologically 'active' .
For example, the current guidelines include stronger recommendations about the need to be physically 'active' .
His work was not restricted to vivisection, and he also became 'active' in the campaign against the intensive meat industry.
He eventually supported the new government and was 'active' in various campaigns.
It is thought losses reflect a period in early mammalian history in which mammals were 'active' mainly at night.
This is everything that you have to do to keep your account 'active' .
The site, however, remained 'active' until the end of last week.
They clearly targeted sexually 'active' people with one message: If you're having sex, do it safely.
Possessing an 'active' imagination ranks high on my list of cherished blessings.
Is it accurate to say that children have 'active' imaginations?
The only requirement is that I log in to the service within a set period usually 90 or 120 days to keep the account 'active' .
These are those who live in the areas where the fighters are 'active' .
they're 'active' in the northeast
I once worked in the abuse department for a free web page hosting company that boasted over 1 million 'active' accounts.
I have a very 'active' social life. I have better friends than most.
More than seven in 10 who had not had sex came from a family where parents were married to each other, compared with only half of the teenagers who were sexually 'active' .
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