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ਅਸਲ ਵਿੱਚ
we must pay attention to what young people are actually doing
as the truth or facts of a situation; really.
he actually expected me to be pleased about it!
used to emphasize that something someone has said or done is surprising.
To his surprise the doorbell 'actually' worked and Sid was soon standing in the open doorway.
The First pub - well 'actually' it's a bar called Blue - is quite packed.
In fact, my house 'actually' backed onto their fields where I walked my dog every day, so it was hardly a trip into the unknown.
I am a small fry; 'actually' I am just small and no fry because this statement has already fried me.
'actually' that's what she said
To her surprise, the puppy 'actually' obeyed her and walked cheerfully over to the tub.
She was pretty surprised that he 'actually' obeyed her, and managed to hide her smile.
When he had agreed ( 'actually' he had been dragged into it) to working in is his father's law firm he never knew it would be this much work.
If Reynolds was still in her job, it might have been possible to 'actually' get the facts on that.
we must pay attention to what young people are 'actually' doing
he 'actually' expected me to be pleased about it!
Before you say something about somebody, make sure that you 'actually' know the facts.
We both turned around and I was 'actually' quite surprised to see the two of them hugging.
The big surprise is that I 'actually' hit some deliveries, although I have no idea how.
In fact, from the above conclusions the truth is 'actually' even more complicated.
There is 'actually' no truth whatsoever in this and we apologise to all.
“Tom seems to be happy.” “He isn't, 'actually', not any more.”
As I got older, I 'actually' learned the truth, which is both better and worse than this.
In fact no Marines had 'actually' encountered an enemy yet, spokesmen said.
the time 'actually' worked on a job
Despite appearances to the contrary, squirrels are 'actually' pretty mean.
We'll do everything we can to stop that and just shut down the fact that it's 'actually' happened.
I was pleased to inform him that 'actually' , I do have a full bike licence.
She had smiled, and it was nice and informal, but 'actually' there is something slightly regal about her.
Visitors to this blog will be surprised to find it 'actually' contains some words and not just a series of random pictures.
'actually' that's not what happened
we must pay attention to what young people are 'actually' doing
‘Tom's happy anyway.’ ‘He isn't, 'actually', not any more.’
Scott was surprised that that we 'actually' got to watch little kid movies in school.
He wittily captures the psychology of the situation without 'actually' showing many of the faces.
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