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she became addicted to alcohol and diet pills
physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.
I know that I personally am only very slightly physically 'addicted' to nicotine.
We are effectively physically 'addicted' to such things as sugar, or carbohydrates, or fats.
One can lock a child up in a mental hospital because he is 'addicted' to the Internet.
Ron is perhaps a war addict, but not an adrenalin junkie 'addicted' to the rush of battlefield.
Both her parents were heroin addicts at the time and she had ended up 'addicted' to crack cocaine.
Here was a pretty young woman, with a caring job, who died because she was allergic to a substance she was 'addicted' to.
This means your body is 'addicted' to it and that is a lot harder to shake.
It is not at all uncommon for babies to be born already 'addicted' to heroin or other opiates.
She was 'addicted' to drugs and alcohol and she had been for many years.
She had become 'addicted' to amphetamines since trying to lose weight five years ago and used small amounts of the drug every day.
She started drinking heavily in her late teens and by the time she was in her twenties she was hopelessly 'addicted' to alcohol.
In his third year he dropped out, his concentration was appalling and he was 'addicted' to another drug which was much harder.
I was also 'addicted' to soft drinks so no wonder my teeth are so shot to pieces these days.
Technologically it points the way but what it lacks is the kind of feature that makes a user 'addicted' to the phone.
I have learned to be spiritual and meditate a lot, and I am 'addicted' to the computer.
The proposals would force young people 'addicted' to heroin and cocaine to either submit to treatment or face the full force of the law.
At the time of his arrest he was heavily 'addicted' to heroin and funded his habit by selling at a profit to pay for his own drugs.
A burglar in adolescence, he was 'addicted' to heroin and behind bars before reaching voting age.
Children 'addicted' to computers are being sent on camping holidays designed to help them kick the habit.
When I was 21 I went to prison for the first time and by then I was 'addicted' to heroin.
We estimate that some 20,000 young people are currently 'addicted' to heroin and cocaine.
Four percent of the Thai population is estimated to be 'addicted' to the stimulant drug.
David James was famously 'addicted' to computer games back in his Liverpool days.
He has been 'addicted' to heroin for several years and is on a drug rehabilitation programme.
Being 'addicted' to a substance usually means you're dependent on it to some degree.
Nicola had been 'addicted' to heroin for six years, becoming hooked when a friend offered her the drug.
He told me that alcohol was a worse thing to be 'addicted' to than any drug, even heroin.
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