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he committed the theft to finance his drug addiction
the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.
Critics have claimed the explosion of new casinos could lead to a rise in 'addiction' to gambling.
There is a genuine debate about how to deal with the harm done by drug 'addiction' .
She was embarrassed about her drug 'addiction' and wanted to do something about it.
It is now widely accepted that a high proportion of crime is the result of drug 'addiction' .
he committed the theft to finance his drug 'addiction'
It is widely used as a substitute for patients who are attempting to combat 'addiction' to heroin.
The excess body weight has now gone, along with his 'addiction' to alcohol and drugs.
But her young life was cut short after she became caught in a spiral of drug 'addiction' .
Participants are offered help in everything from fighting drug 'addiction' to getting a job.
I had been struggling with crack and heroin 'addiction' through a long period of my life.
'addiction' to crack cocaine is spreading
Many now see drug 'addiction' as a health and social problem rather than a criminal one.
I held down various jobs through my 'addiction' but soon my usage was an everyday occurrence.
The suicide rate is one of the highest in Europe, and there is alcoholism and drug 'addiction' .
Almost everyone here knows someone whose child is struggling with drug 'addiction' .
He is receiving help with his alcohol 'addiction' and wants to stop this offending behaviour.
This then traps the users into a world of 'addiction' , which is very hard to get out of.
an 'addiction' to gambling
It went wrong for us fairly quickly, mostly as a result of my worsening drug 'addiction' .
It is the supporters of the current system who are not serious about fighting drug 'addiction' .
he committed the offence to finance his drug 'addiction'
an 'addiction' to gambling
He recently confessed to betraying his friends to fuel his drug and gambling 'addictions' , running up huge debts in the process.
For years before that, he struggled with drug and alcohol 'addictions' while repeatedly clashing with the law.
He soon started using harder drugs and supported his 'addictions' through criminal activities.
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