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I've made a few adjustments to my diet
a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.
for many couples there may need to be a period of 'adjustment'
In many cases, the 'adjustment' moved the faculty member from economic marginality to a living wage.
Very little has been done on postwar 'adjustment' of veterans in the North.
A similar weakness is inherent in psychologies based on 'adjustment' or adaptation.
A manova was used to assess the effect of intimacy with parents on 'adjustment' .
for many couples there may need to be a period of 'adjustment'
She also questioned the 'adjustment' of market values by reference to Savill's Index.
Yes, some rich people will benefit from such an 'adjustment' .
A lot of stuff will still go through him, which is a little bit of an 'adjustment' for Patrick.
Based on theoretical conceptualizations derived from attachment theory, we would expect to identify mediational effects of perceptions of parents on behavioral 'adjustment' .
He has made a slight 'adjustment' successfully.
He said, how many people you have gotten a permanent 'adjustment' .
Nonetheless, the bank continues to offer a third of its aid - US $5.8 billion in 2001-for structural 'adjustment' .
Then, I checked the micrometer height 'adjustment' shaft - its bearing surfaces were worn out!
Dealing with the unexpected requires rapid 'adjustment' to the actual situation.
Indeed, the same spoon reamers were probably also used to make 'adjustments' to the tuning of their instruments.
She showed no resistance to making necessary 'adjustments' , including dietary ones, to treat her problem.
Palestinians should, thus, be willing to make these much less painful 'adjustments' .
Vdot is reviewing 34 requests for 'adjustments' covering existing contracts on all of the agency's projects.
Also watch for players trying to make "last minute 'adjustments' ."
He's continually suggesting 'adjustments' from the cockpit during races.
Instead of making 'adjustments' depending on whom we play, we're going to master our system.
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