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admin staff
the administration of a business, organization, etc..
I've no idea if he works there still, he used to ring me up all the time when I had my job doing 'admin' at a uni last year.
You see, they've hired a couple of girls there to do 'admin' .
At its peak, the firm employed 100 people but now only has two 'admin' staff.
The existing offices could continue as they are and be used by 'admin' .
The way he spoke to messengers, 'admin' staff and catering staff was a revelation.
day-to-day 'admin'
Employers can see she's a bright girl so she gets a job doing 'admin' for a shipping company.
I still have a filing box, nicely separating all the different categories of 'admin' in my life.
There are some days when I do 'admin' all day and funnily enough I quite like that.
I don't mind doing all of my database 'admin' from a command line; I just prefer not to.
Luckily, however, this year the festival 'admin' could look to organisation for inspiration.
From 'admin' staff to mechanics, Mr Arnold is hoping to find people with a love of the sport.
Thursday morning is devoted to 'admin' , and the afternoon to a general surgery session.
This is the second time within a year that UW 'admin' has been responsible for taking my home away from me.
'admin' staff
The 'admin' could set up a policy to automatically provision a new Web server if the number of requests passed a certain threshold.
So I'm presently in the midst of a four-day stint of life 'admin' between bouts of travel.
Eleven posts are to go from the STV studios, five producer-directors posts and two 'admin' staff.
Work is divided into different departments: kitchen, garden, 'admin' , decorating.
'admin' staff
Today, Boxing Day, I spent lazing around, tidying up and doing a bit of 'admin' .
They break us up into five groups of ten between management, 'admin' staff and players.
He then said that when the 'admin' took over, the group became a much lower level issue…
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