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children should be accompanied by an adult
a person who is fully grown or developed.
the adult inhabitants of the U.S
(of a person or animal) fully grown or developed.
Turning to 'adult' basic education and training exams, the council found there had been an improvement in quality.
She grew a full set of baby teeth, lost them and grew a set of 'adult' teeth in all that time.
They take about two years to grow to full 'adult' size.
I was a chubby kid who grew into an overweight 'adult' .
It's a very mature, 'adult' role, which to me, is what Norman is really like in person.
Now that Halloween has become a fully 'adult' holiday, it is only fitting that we track down the essentials you'll need over this Halloween weekend.
Were he an 'adult' with a criminal record, it is almost certain he would face a significant period of imprisonment.
The insect life cycle is ended before it becomes a biting, breeding, egg-laying 'adult' that plagues your pets.
There was something definitely more 'adult' and mature about her best friend and for a moment, a feeling of intense resentment welled up within her.
In July, the 'adult' emerges from the pupa and pushes its way to the soil surface.
The movie pay-per-view business may have a long way to go before it realizes its full potential, but the 'adult' movie sub-sector is growing by leaps and bounds.
It's not really an 'adult' film, even though it has some slight sexual references, and some scenes involving drugs.
They encourage unity and solidarity among the 'adult' and community education groups in Kildare.
When we were little, he was lanky and awkward - just starting to grow his 'adult' teeth; I was short, bony and shy.
It turned out the lawyers were referring to dozens of 'adult' magazines seized from his home.
It used to be that the studio producing an 'adult' film would carry that information at their studio.
'adult' animal
The two foremost external barriers to 'adult' enrollment in higher education are limited time and limited funds.
The accounts will confirm the sale in March of Desmond's 'adult' magazine stable.
'adult' population
At the same time, many contemporary Episcopal congregations clamor for more and more in-depth 'adult' - education offerings.
let's be 'adult' about this
Sometimes a young 'adult' who has grown up in a sheltered, relatively conservative environment finds him or herself ready to rebel the moment he or she leaves home.
‘He is determined to turn his life around and deal with matters in a more responsible, mature and 'adult' way,’ Mr Jones said.
After the wasp 'adult' emerges inside the aphid mummy, it cuts a circular hole to exit.
The four 'adult' and two baby animals will travel down from their home in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland to pull the sledge, laden with toys, around town.
Women also have been well represented in 'adult' basic education courses, many of which are provided at community colleges around the country.
This year they felt that the two young fellows got along very well and they felt that the older child was 'adult' enough or mature enough to adequately supervise the boy.
The sunglasses must not merely be chosen, they must be selected in a process at least as involved as that of an eighteen-year-old selecting his first 'adult' film at the local video shop.
A couple of 'adult' film producers based in California are being prosecuted in Pittsburgh by U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan.
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