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Are we simply caught in a spiral here that will be destructive of our interests while, obviously, significantly advantaging theirs?
put in a favorable or more favorable position.
companies with a computerized database are at an advantage
a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.
Some of these individuals might be at an 'advantage' over their predecessors, because they might be more able to adapt to new conditions.
This will help customers gain competitive 'advantage' .
Large seeds have been found to have a better chance of survival as seedlings and a growth 'advantage' over smaller seeds in competitive situations.
she had an 'advantage' over her mother's generation
In what circumstances does advertising have a particular 'advantage' over direct communication?
the 'advantage' rule is quite complicated
While I think the ability to hit long drives should always be rewarded, any 'advantage' gained should not be overwhelming.
This energy form has an 'advantage' over liquid fuel in that it is an extremely safe product.
the small player had the 'advantage' of being able to turn quickly
That puts me at an 'advantage' over any other physique, large or small.
It's got to be an 'advantage' for the town and it means more people could leave their cars at home and use public transport.
Against this may be made the argument that New Zealand already gains sufficient 'advantage' from existing arrangements.
One of the earliest models of dominant firm behaviour is obtained by considering a situation in which one firm has an informational 'advantage' over the other.
I suppose there's some 'advantage' in going there
the village's proximity to the town is an 'advantage'
The closeness of Swinford to Knock Airport should continue to be a huge 'advantage' to the town in the future.
Does this recent move put you at an 'advantage' or a disadvantage against your opponents?
The way in which the deregulation was done was faulty; it allowed interest seeking traders to take 'advantage' to their own profit.
the 'advantage' to teachers is that they can talk to each other
the referee played the 'advantage'
Wherever there is some 'advantage' to be gained, be it ever so trivial, quarrels are the order of the day.
you could learn something to your 'advantage'
But what possible 'advantage' is to be gained from such proximity?
'advantage' Federer
A magnificent first round game at St George's Road saw Londesbrough Park emerge with a seven-run 'advantage' over Harrogate.
it's against the law to 'advantage' one candidate over another
Despite their complexity, investment trusts have a key 'advantage' over unit trusts.
A second incident shows James assuming disguise to gain 'advantage' in 1537 at another turning point in his life, when he had to make a decision of whom to marry.
It is indeed an 'advantage' to this expanding town.
experience is a big 'advantage'
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