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he had failed to advert to the consequences that his conduct was having
refer to in speaking or writing.
Amid all the gloom and doom in the advertising industry giant adverts seem to be bucking the trend.
an advertisement.
Cash raised will be used to plant and maintain the area where the 'advert' is displayed.
I put out an 'advert' for an assistant
The leaflets back a cinema 'advert' being aired locally with the same message.
a television 'advert'
to place an 'advert' in the paper
an 'advert' for cheap flights
he had failed to 'advert' to the consequences that his conduct was having
I was looking for the advertising costs so I can put in an 'advert' for my new venture!
he replied to a job 'advert'
They have taken out expensive 'adverts' in the trade press, complete with favourable reviews.
There is no need to prove that D 'adverted to' the consequences at all.
It seems, however, that it is not just the 'adverts' that prey on young minds.
If the news reports failed to tell you it was Christmas, the 'adverts' were quick to plug that gap.
Amid all the gloom and doom in the advertising industry giant 'adverts' seem to be bucking the trend.
His report is not helpful and given the shortcomings already 'adverted to' , I prefer to rely on the evidence.
Now, your Honours, in relation to the fourth of those propositions - the first one I have 'adverted to' already.
Advertisers place their 'adverts' where they think they can reach their audience.
They will be accompanied by 'adverts' from local retail companies as well as music promotions.
Have you ever noticed how the 'adverts' at London tube stations vary depending on where you are?
If viewers could rate 'adverts' they like, perhaps the insulting ones would quickly get weeded out.
The New Year is usually a very poor time for quality 'adverts' on television.
However, our first 'adverts' of the season hit the shelves next week, and then our traffic will rocket.
Trying to spot what on earth 'adverts' are selling helps fill the gaps between television programmes.
One of the banned 'adverts' in the series appeared as a poster and showed a photograph of an alleyway at night.
The gloss I just referred to is 'adverted to' in paragraph 34 of our written submissions.
Now, that is a matter which was 'adverted to' in this Court in a case referred to on page 72 of the application book.
It's not just about bus shelter 'adverts' and nice shelves in the supermarket.
People might take more notice of car insurance 'adverts' that they have time to read.
Within days, Kerry's camp responded in kind, buying a series of 'adverts' in key swing states.
It is a matter which your Honours have already seen was 'adverted to' by his Honour in the second sentence.
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