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a billboard advertising beer
describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance.
I didn't want to 'advertise' the fact that we'd be away from the flat for a while.
Before the trip the agency will 'advertise' the vacancies in all major Australian cities.
Meryl coughed briefly to 'advertise' her presence
Six out of ten of those quizzed said they mistrusted brands that used pop-ups to 'advertise' their products and services.
In order to cope with this dilemma, the authorities decided to remove the signs on Friday, but not to 'advertise' the fact.
They have already advertised for a Principal and will 'advertise' a teaching post once the Principal has been appointed.
If you need to escape an oppressive regime, can you afford to 'advertise' that fact by filling out an asylum claim in the street?
You are required to 'advertise' your product or service and the terms of the sale honestly and accurately.
People who want to promote or 'advertise' a product or brand are the most interested.
Meryl coughed briefly to 'advertise' her presence
He seems reluctant to 'advertise' the fact he has a cousin from France.
It said it wants to 'advertise' this fact in a more tangible way hence the commission's presence at the show.
She was vague about the reasons, but she didn't want to 'advertise' the fact I was intelligent.
Our members will one week be asking employers to 'advertise' vacancies and the next they'll be asking for a job.
Why did this letter writer not take out a full page advertisement to 'advertise' this fact?
we had a chance to 'advertise' on television
It's not my responsibility to 'advertise' the fact that I am ruthless.
Regis also took the opportunity to 'advertise' the quality of the police department that he headed.
If a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to 'advertise' the fact by speaking. - Woodrow Wilson
They would also have to pay to 'advertise' the fact they would be applying for the licence.
We have installed additional signs on the road and done everything possible to 'advertise' the fact that the speed limit has been reduced.
And she also set-up a multi-lingual website to help 'advertise' vacancies.
I didn't even find out that we had any titles in our family until I was about eight or nine, they hated to 'advertise' that fact.
A lot of people don't want to 'advertise' the fact that they have a personal trainer.
It's about reaching of the widest possible audience we can to 'advertise' our products and services.
They do not 'advertise' these vacancies, but family and friends are appointed.
for every job we 'advertise' we get a hundred applicants
She didn't 'advertise' the fact that she was listening to only him, but she wanted to.
for every job we 'advertise' we get a hundred applicants
That was Jessica's voice, slightly nasal, desperately 'advertising' the fact that any pity would be welcome.
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