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advertisements for alcoholic drinks
a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.
February is the month when there is no vegetation to cover this awful 'advertisement' for the town.
He was no 'advertisement' for the underdog in his playing days.
It would be the most richly observed 'advertisement' for the values of freedom we can imagine.
Unhappy at work and in love, our heroine has been the worst imaginable 'advertisement' for women's independence.
The organisation is looking for more volunteers and there could be no better 'advertisement' for the group than Julie.
The other is an 18th century 'advertisement' for a slave auction.
A while back, I wrote an article that was basically one big 'advertisement' for how incredibly datable I am.
Then again, this article was basically one long deranged 'advertisement' for his shows.
The current edition is a dull, impersonal and ill - judged 'advertisement' for what we trust is the excitement to come.
All in all it makes a poor 'advertisement' for the firm.
He is tennis's most high-profile 'advertisement' for the benefits of an alternative education.
The first semi-final however was an absolute humdinger, a marvellous 'advertisement' for the sport.
It could become a much more attractive 'advertisement' for paleontology and for the Society.
It comes down to a system that is no 'advertisement' for American technology.
He's no 'advertisement' for a healthy look, is he?
The International Rules was the most frightful 'advertisement' for sport that one could ever want to see.
unhappy clients are not a good 'advertisement' for the firm
we received only two replies to our 'advertisement'
The film is no bad 'advertisement' for the company, either.
unhappy clients are not a good 'advertisement' for the company
The walk on Sunday was a huge success story and was a very good 'advertisement' for the Walkway.
The president's testimony is a long, tedious 'advertisement' for his company.
After all, torture victims are the best possible 'advertisement' for terrorist recruitment.
It was the government's best possible 'advertisement' for a new stadium.
The 'advertisements' for promoting television sets also help in achieving a boost in overall sales.
And nowhere is this science more exciting than in the 'advertisements' for personal care products.
As a result, cigarette makers do not need to design different packages and 'advertisements' for each state.
That is why so many 'advertisements' for products consist of nothing more than the name of the product and perhaps a smiling face.
Students created 'advertisements' for their products, and they also learned how to make change.
But 'advertisements' for massage services will continue to appear in the paper.
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