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a frost advisory
an official announcement, typically a warning about bad weather conditions.
an independent advisory committee
having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them.
An independent 'advisory' body of technical experts in health and development should guide its funding decisions.
The ministerial 'advisory' committee must consult the public - that is a very strict requirement.
There was also a ten-member Consultative Council, an 'advisory' body.
It is an 'advisory' body representing various sectional or functional interests.
The 'advisory' body is expected to issue guidance on the cost effectiveness of the treatment by the end of the year.
These cutoffs are 'advisory' only.
The measures stress that the council will be strictly an 'advisory' body, with no executive powers.
Last in the chain is the 'advisory' body, the National Security Advisory Board.
The Minister has the power, and the new guardians fulfil an 'advisory' capacity only.
We do have an 'advisory' body, but what we need is more active coordination and regulation, " he stated.
Nevertheless, this 'advisory' body was not provided with the power to effectively enforce recommendations.
However, the decision is only 'advisory' and will in no way dictate the outcome of a separate decision-making process.
Tax work, for example, is mainly 'advisory' and involves interpreting law and figures rather than poring over a calculator all day.
They were lower than the recommended 'advisory' goals by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
He has chaired the council - an 'advisory' body to the National Assembly - for the past 11 years.
Many people expected the agency to follow the recommendation of its 'advisory' committee, which is its usual practice.
Furthermore, the council was a purely 'advisory' body and had no powers to legislate.
The 'advisory' recommends reducing systolic blood pressure to less than 140 mm Hg.
There is bound to be an ethical uproar when the 'advisory' body reports its recommendations.
The agency and the Scottish executive are set to work much more closely with industry through a new 'advisory' body.
It should be noted that the document is informative and 'advisory' but has no legal authority.
The inquiry's powers are entirely 'advisory' and its purview has been defined by the Tory government itself.
It was hoped that he could be persuaded to wait on the committee in an 'advisory' capacity.
A Yorkshire assembly would have mainly 'advisory' and planning powers.
In addition, to maintain credibility as a scientific 'advisory' body, the council needs to speak with one voice.
It is likely that the 'advisory' committee will adopt recommendations on the subject this fall.
'Advisories' warning of fish contamination in the region have been emerging for several years.
Cities including Washington, Philadelphia, New York, they're all under heat 'advisories' or warnings today.
The site has access to travel 'advisories' and other news pertinent to out-of-the-way places that you plan to visit soon.
There are flood 'advisories' for areas in the province and warnings about water seepage into basements.
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