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they advocated an ethical foreign policy
publicly recommend or support.
he was an untiring advocate of economic reform
a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.
Marshall was a skilled 'advocate' but a mediocre judge
He was a prime 'advocate' of arguments supporting the holding of terrorism suspects without access to courts.
I think he is a worthy 'advocate' of the policy and he is also a worthy adversary for the press.
he was an untiring 'advocate' of economic reform
The statement in the brief was my position as an 'advocate' for a client.
he was an untiring 'advocate' of economic reform
He's been a leader in election law reforms the past two sessions and an 'advocate' of consumer privacy protection.
Others championed him as an 'advocate' of free speech.
Your Honours, at common law there is absolute privilege for what is said in court by an 'advocate' .
And he's an enthusiastic 'advocate' of online technology.
Earlier, I talked with the Senator, a longtime 'advocate' of education reform.
In such instances, the therapist may encounter requests to participate as an 'advocate' for the client.
Rather, I am a fierce 'advocate' of basing American foreign policy on democratic principles.
A member of the Party and a former commerce minister, he is considered an 'advocate' of free-market policies.
To begin with, I'm an 'advocate' of very healthy fiscal policies.
A staunch 'advocate' of the policy, he created it as a model institution designed to teach both academic and industrial subjects.
He is a strong 'advocate' of a policy that he describes as ‘capitalism with a human face’.
Then again, I'm not as much of an 'advocate' of that particular policy as I'd like to be.
The persons who appear and do counsel work, either in drawing pleadings or appearing in court as an 'advocate' .
He is also an 'advocate' of strong financial support for graduate students and their research.
I'm not bashful about being an 'advocate' on behalf of our communities.
We know for sure that the First Minister is not a long-term 'advocate' of the policy.
In general, I am a strong 'advocate' of environmental protection and saving rare animal species.
He accepted that Hitler was an 'advocate' of this policy.
‘Anyone who has been through one of these races is a huge 'advocate' of campaign finance reform,’ he said.
He was a staunch 'advocate' of tariffs and protectionism.
Bono has been the most consistent 'advocate' of this policy of ‘national reconciliation.’
Now is anybody suggesting for one moment the business sector would not be able to in fact 'advocate' on its behalf?
And when the US ignores that fact, it damages our own credibility as a global 'advocate' of democratic reform.
I can even imagine some of the bigger privacy 'advocation' groups paying for it.
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