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the board admitted responsibility for the affair
an event or sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to.
his wife is having an affair
a love affair.
The restaurant is the best; an old-fashioned wood-and-leather 'affair' with a horseshoe bar.
It was a panoramic, large windowed 'affair' , on the seventh floor of the hotel, and we had a window seat.
What a feeble excuse for a song that is, a classic non-quorate 'affair' covering three notes throughout.
This parade was reported to be a lively and energetic 'affair' , containing a record number of floats.
the board admitted responsibility for the 'affair'
his wife is having an 'affair'
his wife is having an 'affair'
But after the McLeish 'affair' , no matter is too trivial to be taken seriously.
Make planning the menu, shopping for groceries and cooking the meal a family 'affair' .
This is a weird one because it is not a traditional relationship, it is an 'affair' .
The first half was a rather dull 'affair' lit up with three goals but with little else to recommend it.
the board admitted responsibility for the 'affair'
our wedding was a small 'affair'
she got a new radio, a small light 'affair'
her dress was a black low-cut 'affair'
The marriage has to be consummated before an extramarital 'affair' becomes adultery.
In the meantime, the game settled into a contrary, niggly 'affair' .
The back light, a scratched grey plastic 'affair' which had come with the bike, was less satisfying.
For the actor-activist then, the festival this year is something of a family 'affair' .
The awning, a huge tunnel tent 'affair' , has remained in its storage space under the seat.
All in all, a trip to Italy at anytime in your life will never be a no strings attached 'affair' .
a private 'affair'
It will be a tense and tight 'affair' with a single goal probably enough to seal a place in the semi final.
The competition tends to be very much a family 'affair' , with a barbecue and refreshments throughout the day.
She was having an 'affair' with a girl but then tried to have a relationship with a guy.
the 'affair' of the missing gold
Make breakfast a family 'affair' most mornings if possible - or as close to it as you can.
It is celebrated by Chinese all over the world as a family 'affair' , a time of reunion and thanksgiving.
what you do in your spare time is your 'affair'
We all need to realise that religion should be a private 'affair' and a matter of belief.
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