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the college is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin
officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.
the company established links with British affiliates
a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.
For ten months I was a volunteer intern at the Irish Film Archive, an 'affiliate' of the Film Institute of Ireland.
Similarly, a company may draw components and supplies from a subsidiary or from an 'affiliate' or on the open market.
Another 'affiliate' supplies security equipment and services in the co-op service area and beyond.
the membership of the National Writers Union voted to 'affiliate' with the United Auto Workers
Most observers expect the membership to bless the idea of expansion, either through an 'affiliate' or a subsidiary.
almost all students 'affiliate' to the Students' Union
the main party agreed to 'affiliate' four Conservative associations
Our technology 'affiliate' has highly trained specialists who have earned their stripes.
Now, some say, vendors should focus on helping 'affiliates' do business more effectively.
If the 'affiliates' make a public call for an independent inquiry, I think they would have to act.
Should it provide 'affiliates' with services or with strategic direction?
Commuters came from different persuasions which meant there was no need for him to 'affiliate to' any political organisation.
Their decision not to 'affiliate to' the Student Union is disappointing: college members will continue to miss services and support integral to the life and successes of contemporaries at other colleges.
Also ask the researcher if they are 'affiliated with' a research group or a national organization.
A very successful, well-supported December fundraiser had left the coffers in a healthy state and the club has been able to 'affiliate to' the Federation and pay its insurance.
The rise in those 'affiliating to' the live register during a summer month is surprising, considering that summer seasonal work usually causes a decrease in these figures.
Thus, across generations, the suggested independent man child 'affiliative' bond emerged and solidified itself into the neuro-hormonal systems of men.
The club has fully qualified coaches and is 'affiliated with' the local Football Association.
She encouraged the Association to look at how members are 'affiliated with' the organization.
We appeal to all organisations and social movements to 'affiliate to' the organising committee and get stuck into the task of raising money.
Trust is an important factor in creating a social and collaborative relationship among workers and consequently is important for the development of 'affiliative' processes such as team work in the workplace.
Markets were opened by the government to products produced by 'affiliates' overseas.
Finally, several national organizations have begun to help their local 'affiliates' start charter schools.
Almost all 'affiliates' and subsidiaries were anchor companies in the country's economy and many of them did business all over the world.
Associates are 'affiliated with' the community, but do not take canonical vows.
To participate in this process, groups must 'affiliate to' the Community and Voluntary Network by Friday, February 20.
The regime limited unions not 'affiliated with' the Government in their attempts to advance worker rights.
Here, a distinction needs to be drawn between the networks, their 'affiliates' and cable television companies.
The relationship between the national office and local 'affiliates' is still evolving, still being worked out.
Local cable and satellite 'affiliates' will distribute the food donations to local food banks.
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