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he had no particular affiliation, no close associates
the state or process of affiliating or being affiliated.
Women of all income groups, regardless of religious 'affiliation' , have been targeted.
she has no 'affiliation' with the party
I can only presume documents have been lost, possibly during one of the changes of 'affiliation' to various regiments.
However, the demand for particular stamps also depends on regional 'affiliation' .
We, of course, accept that individual members of the taskforce are free from political 'affiliation' .
They should have the right to know the political 'affiliation' of the candidates who are standing.
he had no particular 'affiliation', no close associates
Many people without trade union 'affiliation' were also on strike and on the streets.
He is man whose voting record in the Senate is consistent with his party 'affiliation' .
I pledge myself to working hard for all my constituents, regardless of political 'affiliation' .
No trade unionism based on political 'affiliation' or on communal lines should be allowed in the police force.
The only 'affiliation' I have with the company is that I'm a customer.
His death was never avenged, even though the guilty party is known by name and 'affiliation' .
I am writing this letter on a personal level, with no 'affiliation' , or in support of any candidates.
This type of piercing was meant to mark life stage changes in group 'affiliation' .
I do not know the political 'affiliation' of most of my colleagues.
The invitation is open to all, irrespective of party 'affiliation' .
the group has no 'affiliation' to any preservation society
All I would say to that is that I have no political 'affiliation' whatsoever.
The first is a firm having international 'affiliation' and generally working at executive search.
One of the fastest growing groups in the nation is people reporting no religious 'affiliation' .
With this membership, you have full 'affiliation' to Tennis, Squash and Badminton clubs.
Political 'affiliations' and economic disparity do not create barriers.
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