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you haven't aged a lot
grow old or older, especially visibly and obviously so.
young people aged 14 to 18
having lived for a specified length of time; of a specified age.
aged men with white hair
having lived or existed for a long time; old.
The website, however, says that booking on payment of concessional fare by senior citizens 'aged' above 60 years could be done through it.
Thirdly, it was decided to replace existing 'aged' computers with a new integrated computer system.
Further, owners must be refrained from selling unproductive 'aged' cows and should be severely dealt for this criminal act.
These trends are reflected in new high-end mouldings that offer elegant, subtly 'aged' finishes to complement interiors with a European feel.
It blended with the figure's dress and softened the frame giving it an instant 'aged' appearance.
These results suggest that subchronic treatment with ginseng extract improves spatial cognitive impairment in 'aged' rats.
Nellie, who was 'aged' seventy years, lived a quiet life and was a deeply religious lady.
The effect of smoking cigarettes on the microvasculature of the face contributes to an 'aged' appearance.
It does, however, stand up nicely despite its 'aged' subject matter.
The essential repair grant scheme is for those 'aged' 65 or over living in uninhabitable conditions.
The result was a mix of old and new granite on the exterior of the existing building and an addition that created a consistently 'aged' appearance.
For example, while the original roof structure was rotten, the pantiles were able to be reused and now greatly enhance the 'aged' appearance of the exterior.
In the garden above, designer John Kenyon used a mix of tumbled concrete payers and blue-stone for a more 'aged' appearance.
I managed quite well and could've gone on longer only I had other infernal machines of torture to subject my poor, 'aged' body to.
Let that dry for an elegant metal finish, or apply the patina topcoat or rapid rust oxidizer for a unique variety of 'aged' finishes.
My wife and I have a place up in the Lake District where we go walking with our 'aged' dog.
Was it Matisse or Cezanne who, 'aged' and infirm, incapable of clutching a brush, demanded that one be tied to his hand so as to continue his work?
Some of the paint will begin to diffuse and leave a cloudy, 'aged' finish.
The appearance of naturally 'aged' wood captures the signatures of all of nature's own artists.
The 13-year-old was asked to hand over his skateboard, which he did, but the gang, whose members were said to be 'aged' 14 or 15, threw it away.
A subtle meditation on mortality, it contrasts the ephemeral beauty of a young girl absorbed in her posy of flowers with the 'aged' horse who quietly contemplates the viewer.
She was given six to 12 months to live - but now 'aged' 35 she is fit and healthy and keen to tell other women to be aware.
There were very young babies and elderly women 'aged' up to 80 in there.
The nail has been removed, and barring infection it is believed the 'aged' man will live.
The pair took on the spring show season and made the finals at several 'aged' events until Ascencion began riding the horse following the Super Stakes.
He claimed that his 'aged' mother, who lived with him, ‘just kept topping it up’.
From the beginning of the film, June's age and her 'aged' appearance are the central issue of the film.
When the 'aged' aunt in question finally makes an appearance in the story, the title assumes its true dimensions.
The gray boy's clothes even looked 'aged' , appearing to be akin to medieval robes.
Rustic country decorating includes the use of natural woods, 'aged' surfaces, rough finishes and simple lines.
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