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he went five minutes ago
(used after a measurement of time) before the present; earlier.
he was here a while 'ago'
she returned not long 'ago'
Leary had always said that he would never ever quit smoking, but a few years 'ago' he did.
Ten years 'ago' was the worse year of my life. It was a year when nothing seemed to go right.
It was like a minute 'ago' that I talked to Natalie and now I am on my way in my Jaguar to get her.
There was a time, and it is only a couple of years 'ago' , when all this would seem surreal.
In fact the last American to come close here was Daly two years 'ago' when he tied for third.
not long 'ago' he came across a rattlesnake outside his house
They talk about it less now than they did a week 'ago' , but the spectre of it is omnipresent.
centuries 'ago'
His brother died of a heart attack a year 'ago' and his father has had three attacks this year.
I spent two weeks a few years 'ago' proofreading it for him and confess it was hard work.
it happened ten years 'ago' today
Ten years 'ago' there was outrage when he was released for five days to go on a holiday.
as long 'ago' as 1942
He admitted that he'd met a girl a year 'ago' and she was moving to Derby in Jan and wanted to meet up.
He hopes to jog a few memories in January by picking up where he left off five months 'ago' .
Two days 'ago' he went into the group's head office for the last time to clear his desk.
he went five minutes 'ago'
It started a week 'ago' when I had to go down to Erith in Kent to collect some honey jars.
two years 'ago' his parents moved house
ages 'ago'
he went five minutes 'ago'
He was born over eighty years 'ago' in the house next to the church and died in a house next to the church.
The owner decided to give it a trial when he got rid of his previous cab a week or two 'ago' .
Thank you to those of you who have been asking about my hospital visit a couple of weeks 'ago' .
Its not hard to find stories on the issue and it happened over a week 'ago' so why is Younge not aware of it?
Do you ever sit back and think, five or six years 'ago' this would have been a fairytale?
She had beaten off the disease five years 'ago' after a melanoma had been found on her leg.
it came two days 'ago'
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