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ਤੇ ਸਹਿਮਤੀ
the agreed time
discussed or negotiated and then accepted by all parties.
The Hurling Club is 'agreed' that when the Centre isn't available the Club Rooms may be used.
Two samples will be taken at an unspecified date and time at 'agreed' sampling points.
I am also looking for a firm commitment in the form of a date on which the 'agreed' work will commence.
He discovers that all the ideas and concepts he revered and held dear are not 'agreed' upon by all people.
Several key items did not arrive on the 'agreed' date and several others were damaged.
There was no 'agreed' term and, it has to be stated again, Barbara was over 60 when she was appointed to the post.
The parties filed an 'agreed' statement of facts to establish much of the factual background.
For both tobacco and diet there are no 'agreed' targets or internationally accepted indicators of progress.
For that reason all parties were 'agreed' that no separate consideration need be given to these provisions.
Macra has made it clear that a market valuation must be in place by the 'agreed' date.
The only worry is being able to do enough words to meet your side of the bargain by the 'agreed' date to keep up your half of the bargain.
He also tried to amend Brown's motion to deprive minor parties of other 'agreed' perks.
Yet Irish fans have been stopped from travelling to the same ground on the 'agreed' date and to Murrayfield as well.
We are also looking at bath time and bickering but we have yet to establish 'agreed' measures.
The bank, apart from providing finance on 'agreed' terms, had no part in creating this situation.
If the proposal does go ahead, officers and developers will be held to account in terms of this 'agreed' policy.
The compensation is merely a matter of redress, on which it appears generally 'agreed' that no tax should be payable.
Lady Antonia and myself are both 'agreed' that this is bad news.
Certainly it should try and do so if both parties are 'agreed' that they would like the matter resolved on the affidavits.
In other words, Mr Hammond had no time to prepare the case and could not represent the applicant on the 'agreed' date.
Everyone is 'agreed' that the Constitution needs review and a start has been made.
This meeting was to discuss the views of patients and professionals on what to do in a crisis and to negotiate 'agreed' solutions.
Under the terms of the 'agreed' plan, secured creditors will receive a small proportion of the money owed.
So any discussion or communication is impossible, as we do not have a mutually 'agreed' definition of terms.
It was reasonable for her to insist that disclosure was only on the 'agreed' terms.
All political parties are 'agreed' that something needs to be done to reverse the fortunes.
Last month she told Leeds Crown Court she would clear the garden by an 'agreed' date or face further action.
The actual night has no 'agreed' upon origin, rather a cluster of speculated ones.
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