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women were aided in childbirth by midwives
help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.
he saw the pilot slumped in his cockpit and went to his aid
help, typically of a practical nature.
During the Civil War, he was an indispensable 'aid' to his father during the latter's tenure as Minister to England.
She finally reached the correct wall, the one beside the oak tree that would serve in concealing her as well as serving as an 'aid' to help her up.
‘Most services offering support to 'aid' recovery are focused on the needs of women and their children,’ she admits.
The Wroughton-based appeal has collected and distributed hundreds of palettes of 'aid' to disaster struck areas since the tsunami hit on December 26.
Fortunately two local men came to their 'aid' and Mrs Christie and her mother were pulled to safety before the next waves hit the shoreline.
A physiotherapist will oversee and monitor all progress and explain knee exercises that will 'aid' recovery.
It is first mentioned in a record of the ensuing year, when the convent petitioned that they might be excused from contributing an 'aid' to the King, at the time of a threatened invasion, on account of the expenses they had been at in endeavouring to repair their damages.
'aid' convoys
And doing so will 'aid' traditional culture in several ways.
They also gave food and material 'aid' to as many as 10,269 people to help reconstruct destroyed homes.
'aid' agency
May you and your husband have luck quitting smoking; make use of the myriad of support networks available to 'aid' you in the battle to quit.
his friends went to his 'aid'
Food and other 'aid' to the refugees, living in the area for three years, has been stopped since Jan.1.
It's a difficult environment at the best of times, but with roads cut, delivering 'aid' to needy areas is proving to be a challenge.
The program guarantees financial 'aid' to low-income students who earn a ‘C’ average or above.
It specializes in bringing food and other material 'aid' to war-torn areas.
Mr Naughton said the facilities to 'aid' independent living in the Dublin region were fairly good but across the rest of the country they were poor.
Tai Chi Wu Style is a craft that includes gentle stretching and breathing exercises that will 'aid' balance, co-ordination and relax muscles.
a teaching 'aid'
He managed to hobble to a nearby address but no-one came to his 'aid' until a female motorist found him bleeding heavily.
A passing patrol of some 25 troops from the Afghan National Army came to their 'aid' .
a teaching 'aid'
It is likely the victim was the only person in the carriage because no-one came to his 'aid' or offered him help when the attack was over.
In many ways it reminded me of how Irish people responded to the great tragedy of famine in my own country of Ethiopia 20 years ago when so many of you came to our 'aid' at a time of such need and difficulty.
Baboo believes that research on retention will prove an effective 'aid' to help colleges and universities do a better job with their minority students.
In 1678, he spoke in favour of giving an 'aid' to the king, and the following month obtained a commission for raising an independent company of foot, and was appointed governor of Bridlington.
With the help of a nurse who came to their 'aid' , they tried without success to revive him.
Current evidence support the use of nutritional supplements to 'aid' exercise performance and recovery.
To propose that the government of a third world country is not acting fast enough to send 'aid' to certain areas is incredibly unfair.
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