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aim the camcorder at some suitable object
point or direct (a weapon or camera) at a target.
new French cooking aims at producing clear, fresh flavors and light textures
have the intention of achieving.
our primary aim is to achieve financial discipline
a purpose or intention; a desired outcome.
his aim was perfect, and the guard's body collapsed backward
the directing of a weapon or object at a target.
American Indian Movement.
he came here with the 'aim' of stirring up trouble
our primary 'aim' is to achieve financial discipline
to 'aim' a gun at sb
She turned to simply stand motionless, her wrist cannons locked on her target and Jack came around the corner to 'aim' his weapon as well, then stopped suddenly.
He couldn't see an inch in front of his nose, even with his expert eyesight fit for a perfect 'aim' .
She saw one and barely dodged it, the other one was too high to even touch her, but the last was a perfect 'aim' , not to hit her, but to break the wire.
He opted for straight punches to counter his opponent's tactic which was to 'aim' hooked body punches.
Its best-known uses have been in physics and engineering, on such problems as how to 'aim' bombs more accurately.
Rather than choosing between an ensemble of key performance criteria, manufacturers should 'aim' at achieving them all.
Perfect 'aim' can be negated with a poor hit on the cue ball.
You load the weapon, you 'aim' the weapon and you pull the trigger.
My 'aim' is not yet perfected, so it took me five bullets.
A faint round of applause built up around him, as some of the younger boys had gathered around to watch the mysterious stranger with the perfect 'aim' .
At its range of 150 kms the army is in no position to obtain the tactical picture to 'aim' the missile.
They showed us how to load the weapon and 'aim' at the target.
As patriots of our beloved country, we should contribute to the endeavors that 'aim' at the safety and well-being of our country.
To hit such a difficult target takes steadiness of 'aim' and cool judgment for the birds are over the guns and away in the distance in an instant, some flying at speeds of up to 70 mph.
She arched her hand, stared at the bin and threw the can towards it in a perfect 'aim' .
I also always felt that the campaign was always more important than the movie itself, because anyone can 'aim' a camera.
Knowing this, Jennings took direct 'aim' at the doctor's head.
The Pentagon plans to use them to improve the 'aim' of missiles and provide better navigation for warplanes and ground troops.
I did have the compulsion, though to 'aim' the camera towards the side of the room where the beds were.
I've never been very good at archery, but it helps with learning how to 'aim' any weapon.
Currently, the 'aim' was targeted at the closed hangar bay door.
More realistically, they 'aim' at achieving a set of mutual benefits.
the 'aim' of the workshop is to improve morale
we 'aim' to give you the best possible service
Now and then they would 'aim' bombs or rockets at one senior terrorist leader or another.
Location data would be linked to the missile, and the tracking information would be used to 'aim' the guided missile or to correct its trajectory midcourse.
Because actually your intention includes whatever you 'aim' at achieving.
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