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John Merrick, aka the Elephant Man
also known as.
Helping real writing talent to emerge: Willy Russell and Tim Firth, 'aka' the Singing Playwrights.
We were soon to meet Gerard Starkey, 'aka' Ged, a man who, like Alex Stein in London, would provide me with an exotic tour of his city.
Mr Hatch, 'aka' Fatman, has proven that he can at least get the mechanics of fathering right, if not the details.
Jack, 'aka' Green Fairy, dealt with the problem of not having enough unity of mind to write, in a manner most amusing.
The telephone company gave me one of the best explanations for how these rogue diallers - 'aka' Trojan diallers - work.
She might get paid for it, but this is not work for the sultry Jesse Randhawa 'aka' Jasmeet Kaur.
Shannon and her doll Felicity, 'aka' Heather, are both dressed in paisley-print glitter dresses and boots.
But how can I not watch it, when a true legend is involved - Mr John Lydon, 'aka' Johnny Rotten.
Every month Jonson 'aka' Thornton goes out of his way to prove the truth of that, by demanding the RBA raise rates.
Football, on the other hand, 'aka' handball or American football, I just don't get!
The camp was organized by St Lucia's number one basketball enthusiast Morgan George 'aka' Mr Magic.
If you've got a minute, you can light a candle for Fred Warren, 'aka' Nice Fred.
Their vibrant music as well as the antics of front man Paul Kehoe, 'aka' Scamall, guaranteed you a great night out.
And as for the female protege, well she's Ms Tomi Rae, 'aka' the current Mrs James Brown.
Bartlet, 'aka' Jack, is delighted by the whole McKie scandal, because everyone is getting it in the neck apart from him.
In other news I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the Kerry 'aka' K-Mac maiden voyage post.
John Merrick, 'aka' the Elephant Man
John Merrick, 'aka' the Elephant Man
Who would have imagined that Ted White would lose in North Vancouver, 'aka' The Land That Time Forgot?
Next day I arrived at the Capital with the Princess, 'aka' Paola Lombard.
Brian, 'aka' Danger Mouse, showed up and was very surprised to see me behind the decks.
Daniel, 'aka' Oscar, was a fun loving person, who never took life too seriously.
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