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Sugar is taken and in the presence of an enzyme (a biological catalyst) ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide are produced.
a colorless volatile flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks, and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel.
Three hours later, a blood sample showed he was twice the legal limit for 'alcohol' .
The ale is five per cent 'alcohol' by volume, and was available at all Arkell's pubs this week.
There's a town just before the Sahara and it's the last one that serves 'alcohol' and it's our duty to stock up.
More than 20 pubs in the district have been granted permission to open and serve 'alcohol' for the game.
Some bars served 'alcohol' in a number of enterprising ways to try and fool the authorities.
It later records she has twice the legal limit of 'alcohol' and will have to stay in the cells overnight.
If you are using 'alcohol' , vodka is the most appropriate as it has no scent of its own.
Shop owner Mr Kirby said he had earlier refused to serve the youth 'alcohol' , and he had left without any trouble.
He breathalyses her which suggests she has twice the legal limit of 'alcohol' in her bloodstream.
The test was positive, thereby indicating he was over the legal limit for 'alcohol' in his blood.
Premises which continue to serve 'alcohol' without a renewed licence will be liable to prosecution.
She told him that she was not going to serve him any more 'alcohol' , and asked if he wanted her to call a cab.
When she was breath-tested, she was found to have three times the legal limit of 'alcohol' in her system.
'alcohol' misuse
The policy of Irish Rail to serve 'alcohol' on their trains has therefore always puzzled me.
I heard it was because of the elections, and they were not allowed to serve any kind of 'alcohol' .
A roadside breath test found he had drunk more than twice the legal limit of 'alcohol' .
When you get tired of drinking at home, why not go out and drink the same 'alcohol' at twice the price down the pub?
However, the little 'alcohol' in the martini was quickly taking me under its firm grip.
The new bill would make it an offence to serve 'alcohol' to people who are drunk.
They also plan to prosecute if bar staff continue to serve 'alcohol' to people who are drunk.
He said that among the tenets of the Muslim faith were that one did not drink 'alcohol' or serve it to guests.
However, she admitted she had never seen Jackson serve the youngsters 'alcohol' ..
After all, they go to the pub to meet with friends and drink 'alcohol' , which they are still free to do.
It is about four times as strong as most real ales, with an 'alcohol' by volume of 11 per cent.
The 'alcohol' found in alcoholic beverages is ethyl alcohol (ethanol).
The inquest heard that Mr Dean had been out with his friends to a public house, but had not drunk 'alcohol' .
He was subsequently found to have almost three and a half times the legal limit of 'alcohol' in his blood.
he has not taken 'alcohol' in twenty-five years
the use of petrol containing 'alcohol'
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