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an illegal alien
a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.
This is blundering on foreign soil in an alien culture which they fail to grasp and arrogantly underestimate and they will ultimately pay the price of their ignorance.
belonging to a foreign country or nation.
In fact, the whole act of writing anything at all feels rather strange and 'alien' to me now.
Hitler had ordained the Final Solution for lesser races and 'alien' faiths.
Tarkovsky's spirituality is profoundly 'alien' to the west's dualism: it is earthly, earthy, as cool and clear and material as the water his camera spends so long dwelling upon.
The moment one of the partners is expected to give up their beliefs and to fit in with an 'alien' culture against their will, we no longer have a healthy marriage.
The energy signature belonged to an 'alien' probe that had detected the warp emissions from the warp drive tests.
I'm a feminist science fiction critic who is married to an 'alien' .
To be fair to O'Driscoll, this role was 'alien' to him and the other team's central defenders were big and strong and took no prisoners.
The urge to laugh is almost overwhelming as the enticing conspiracy theory degenerates into ranting about reptiles and an 'alien' race plotting to take over the world.
The controversy over trout introductions has come to focus much of the current awareness on the impact of 'alien' species both plant and animal.
King's program didn't merely advance the notion that an 'alien' spacecraft crashed at Roswell in 1947.
The best corollary I can find to myself is a fictional television 'alien' !
These ‘vagabonds and outcasts’ came with an 'alien' culture and a tendency to upheaval.
As stated above, he claims that there is a tunnel on the Moon through which 'alien' spacecraft can pass.
It's such an 'alien' culture to our own in so many ways that I find it incredibly fascinating.
These experiences are turned into snapshots of worlds that are normally utterly 'alien' to the West, yet become entirely understandable with Kapuscinski as guide.
The first public announcements from our new 'alien' overlords were supposed to have already occurred.
It really is the case that language is a foreign substance whose 'alien' presence in our soul is both necessary and troubling.
A Catholic in a Protestant land, many regarded her as a foreign queen with an 'alien' religion.
'alien' spacecraft
The geography was utterly 'alien' to Patrick, although his unfamiliarity with the picture could have been attributed to the gaps.
If she hadn't become a citizen then she would have turned into an enemy 'alien' when the United States joined the war.
He insists more than his teacher that we recognize the physical presence of elements that are 'alien' to canvas, yet takes extra care to make that presence ambiguous.
Everything in it that she had once seen every day now seemed so foreign and 'alien' , like none of these things had ever belonged to her.
It's easy to see why as it covers familiar territory of a disillusioned white man seeking redemption in his respect and defence of an 'alien' culture.
You have Americans, working in an 'alien' culture, travelling with armed men and using translators.
This is to familiarise the hosts with the latest fads in styling and lifestyles and an 'alien' culture.
undocumented 'alien'
Darryl said he wouldn't be surprised if they also found an 'alien' spacecraft in that cave.
As cultists, this group also think their god wants them garbed in the clobber of another age and an 'alien' culture.
Perhaps it might seem 'alien' to someone unfamiliar with comics.
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