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gently brush the surface to align the fibers
place or arrange (things) in a straight line.
newspapers usually align themselves with certain political parties
give support to (a person, organization, or cause).
Be sure the garment and lining construction seams 'align' to prevent lining seams from showing through the garment body.
If anything, unions must 'align' with other unions for support and political activity.
Also all shirt patterns should 'align' perfectly where the pocket is sewn.
The gathering opened Monday with a meeting of Asian ministers to 'align' positions ahead of a dinner with European ministers later Monday.
In the same way that psychographic and demographic segments don't perfectly 'align' , we should not expect designographic segments to fit neatly into established categories.
Rarely do the planets 'align' so perfectly for an unemployed coach.
newspapers usually 'align' themselves with certain political parties
newspapers usually 'align' themselves with certain political parties
This means they are locked into one frame with one barrel and the pilot holes are drilled into the cylinder to perfectly 'align' with that particular barrel and frame.
It's best to use a gridded rotary cutting mat and ruler from the same manufacturer to be sure the calibrations will 'align' perfectly.
the pattern of the border at the joint should 'align' perfectly
With right sides together and centers matching, 'align' the creased line of a short flange with one short side of the rectangle.
Network partners must 'align' in such a way that the resulting partnership offers a unique value proposition to the consumer.
Tomorrow's Manhattan sunset will 'align' perfectly with the grid.
It is wise for a prince not to 'align' with a stronger force unless compelled to do so.
the pattern of the border at the seam should 'align' perfectly
Extend your right arm straight down and 'align' it with your shoulder, palm facing inward.
gently brush the surface to 'align' the fibers
For example, ISC and RTA age categories do not 'align' perfectly, and the time periods covered by the data sets do not completely coincide.
all of them must now 'align' against the foe
Stories like this have nothing to do with political correctness and to 'align' the two is lazy thinking and lazy writing.
While this segregation did not 'align' perfectly with response to soil drying, most of the tolerant lines had low leaf ureide concentration.
all of them must now 'align' against the foe
‘If all the planets were to 'align' perfectly with each one as close as possible to the Earth, their gravity would raise the ocean tides by just one 25th of a millimetre,’ the agency said.
Our allies may not agree with why we went to war; NATO's strategic objectives may not 'align' perfectly with America's objectives for Iraq.
Powerful forces 'align' against you; people who used to be your friends scream at you; people who once praised you tell you you're no damned good.
Not surprisingly, Marquez was incensed - a reaction compounded by the feeling that forces were beginning to 'align' against him.
All this notwithstanding, the proposed Department is a positive move to 'align' national form and function.
Here is my first test-fitting of the front panel - the buttons 'align' perfectly!
During the first attempt at reform, it initially seemed as if internal and external forces would 'align' to compel the President to take real action.
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