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the tiles had slipped out of alignment
arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.
a firm famous for its liberal alignment
a position of agreement or alliance.
The problem of flat feet is chronic because it is a habit that occurs without any awareness of what is correct 'alignment' for the feet.
In cases of misalignment caused by the rear wheel being not in the center or improper wheel spacers causing misaligning, still, tightening and 'alignment' is the remedy.
Even then, Bob not only failed to fix the convergence problem, he messed up the 'alignment' so badly that circles on the screen looked like eggs.
Lay the tiles row by row, always keeping a watchful eye for correct 'alignment' along the working lines.
On the Newbridge Road the 'alignment' was required to pass between Chadwick s business and the green area to the east of Jigginstown castle.
However, new techniques, approaches, or technologies can upset this 'alignment' or change the relative influence of complementors.
Standing behind the mat before taking up the stance on the mat is a very good way to select the path of the bowl and gives a much more regular consistency of the intended path and correct body 'alignment' .
In addition to the aforementioned considerations, proper body positioning and 'alignment' are crucial to the correct execution of these procedures.
the tiles had slipped out of 'alignment'
It is plain from the maps that in this intervening period the road 'alignment' was altered in respect of the Castle Acre spur and the Pink Road.
I note that there is almost an 'alignment' with that position from those such as the association.
The stall follows the completion of a two-year road planning study which recommends a coastal road 'alignment' but warns of several hindrances.
Looking at the state of the roads, the council would have to guarantee a free wheel 'alignment' to any Queenslander who dared venture down this way.
York had the possession for most of the remainder of the half but poor passing, bad 'alignment' and lack of straight running limited their progress against a side with an effective back row and powerful centres.
They ensure that the patient's body is maintained in correct 'alignment' during positioning and the procedure.
He enquires about the wheel 'alignment' machine - is it working fine?
‘It's releasing these lines of tension in order to encourage 'alignment' in the structures of the body,’ he says.
This works by strengthening the core postural muscles of the body, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct 'alignment' which leads to a longer, leaner body.
When exercising with a stability ball, it's important - for both positioning and 'alignment' - that you choose the proper-sized ball.
Be sure that your 'alignment' is correct and you work through a full range of motion with each move.
the tiles had slipped out of 'alignment'
The modern road follows the 'alignment' of Watling Street, along which Roman soldiers would have trooped on their way from London to Dover and beyond.
When tape machines were the capture device, 'alignment' occurred once or twice daily, not due to drifting issues but in order to accommodate multiple sessions.
Despite the beautiful 'alignment' of the main line out of London there are some fearsome grades on most lines elsewhere on the network, and visiting Pacifics have often been in bad trouble on these sections.
Just think of the auto parts industry that depends on broken wheels, bearings, and ruined wheel 'alignment' .
Personal trainers that are worth their salt can spot poor 'alignment' , correct it and make sure that you are doing the exercise properly.
However it only takes one bill for wheel 'alignment' to bring about very slow driving over these bumps.
a firm famous for its liberal 'alignment'
The front five are ultra-competitive in their basic roles, but elsewhere there is a desperate lack of penetration, in part due to some sloppy 'alignment' and lack of positional sense.
But it is increasingly thought that the positioning and spacing of these early teeth is crucial for the correct 'alignment' and positioning of permanent teeth.
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