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ਉਹੀ ਹੈ
the girls dressed alike in black pants and jackets
in the same or a similar way.
the brothers were very much alike
(of two or more subjects) similar to each other.
Likewise, as no two fighters fight exactly 'alike' , the controls from fighter to fighter vary a bit.
men and women 'alike' enjoy it
The two peoples are also 'alike' in the sense that they are not nations.
The remnant of the Table fought 'alike' .
Regarding as futile the compromises accepted by other Catholic leaders, he fought 'alike' all philosophical theories and political arrangements that did not come up to the full traditional Christian standard.
It was a truly spectacular scene with clubs from the north and south 'alike' taking part.
they taste 'alike'
They could be functionally 'alike' , in the sense that all of them could, and sometimes did, claim political autonomy.
Similarly, human groups can be reconciled because we are more 'alike' than different.
His back clinics brought great relief to colleagues and patients 'alike' .
The culture appears to be undergoing some kind of revival among those who like to express their individuality by dressing 'alike' .
Actors and audience 'alike' start conversing with a dog or a frog or a snowman as if it were human.
the houses were all 'alike'
Job explained that wicked and good 'alike' rose and fell and the work of men perished like ears of corn.
The tone is unvarying and some of the songs sound too 'alike' , musical twins holding hands.
Yet, despite all this activity, the subject remains a cause of frustration for doctors and patients 'alike' .
I think we are more 'alike' than we know in the way our hearts react to the men we love.
I knew this was true, for they dressed much 'alike' , especially in their war-gear.
the brothers look very 'alike'
Couples, young and old 'alike' , strolling hand in hand, smiling and whispering to each other.
Maybe you and your sister have always dressed 'alike' or gotten your hair cut the same way.
I find the pews strong and sturdy, where young and old 'alike' feel secure during periods of worship or quiet reflection.
Other than in the most trivial sense that identical twins look more 'alike' than most people, this is simply false.
I find it a little disconcerting when adult twins dress and style themselves 'alike' .
We need to be both 'alike' and different in order to relate in a complementary fashion.
Prior to the start of the Tour, the press and public 'alike' pinpoint potential rivals, but they never live up to the billing.
Directly opposite him, on the other side of the enclosed space, were two doors, exactly 'alike' and side by side.
I guess it must just be a classic case of great bookmaking minds thinking 'alike' .
He said the dispute had been long-running and a cause of concern to staff and patients 'alike' .
The boys looked exactly 'alike' , but each of them was possessed of an extraordinary and unique gift.
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